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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

UnMasking Creativity ~ Becoming Creative Part II

The problem when it comes to unmasking creativity is that it suggests the need for letting go of management and administration. Which many people have a problem with because within those mechanisms of control, they feel secure even risking freedom and creativity.

We know that this world is in a fallen state - subject to entropy. We thus observe this and want to control, but total control is not possible in a fallen state, so the best option is to manage and administer entropy. Which is necessary for social imagination, social reality otherwise the imagination would be unstable, and social reality chaotic.

Yes, management of entropy is necessary to experience social imagination - social reality. In order to have order, disorder must be managed. In order to have any society whatsoever, recognizable as such, we must have management of entropy. That means collective social agreement regarding the management of its order. And, in the very least, in order to understand each other in that society, the means of identifying it as such using symbols and language must be ordered and or managed.

How then can creativity be part of that management? That is a good question. Many people out of fear think that only the elites at the top of society however they 'manage' to get there must know the best way. Out of fear, those people will risk creativity that they possess for the safety in the confines that others think is creative enough.

The danger in this kind of entropy management is the loss of creativity regarding the management of entropy in favor of control in the false hope of establishing total security in an entropic universe. The best means of secuity is the dispersal of management, trusting those at the lower levels, at the grass roots level to manage entropy in a creative way in the place that they are. Rather than from a top down pyramid scheme. For the top of that structure can only remain solid if the top trusts the bottom.

The liberal progressives think in reversal... they think that the top directs, the top knows what is best but it must be from the top that direction comes and promises everything for the bottom. As a Christian, I would agree that God is at the top and He directs using His Word. And, it is His Word in us that we are able to become a solid foundation brought up to manage entropy. If we collectively recognize God and His role, we will know our role in entropy management.

That is why conservatives are not afraid because they know who has the con - and it is not a man made top down centrally steered government. They know that in knowing who has the con, the bottom is able to do its part regarding entropy management, they have the freedom to be creative to figure out what is best in the place that they are, building a solid foundation that supports the layer above and so on from there - finally glorifying the one at the top...The Creator of heaven and earth of all things seen and unseen - Jesus Christ. He was before all things and in Him all things hold together ~ Co 1:16-17.

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