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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The New Atlantis in the Social Imagination of the Ruling Elite

Are the ruling elite imagining for themselves a new Atlantis? Yes, didn't you see the movie ~ Elysium. But even before that, one could have read the novel by Sir Francis Bacon titled, the New Atlantis. What is hard to imagine is that was Bacon's first publication back in 1627.  We read in this incomplete utopian novel, Bacon's vision of the future of human discovery, knowledge and ideals. It is a place where everyone is enlightened in the meaning as being on the same 'spiritual plane' or philosophy and where everyone has the same public spirit with all living in splendor and a kind of piety. It is the mythical Bensalem not to be confused with the new Jerusalem.  

Essentially, it is the ruling elite's plan for the new world order and it is being orchestrated now by the ruling elite. It was born of a British/American/European elite whose wealth and power is centuries old and historically documented. These people control the politicians, the courts, the education institutions, the banks and most nations and let us not forget the media where the real mind control is executed.

But why... why do they do it? Aren't they benevolent human beings? Don't they care about all of humanity? That is a good question. They care about humanity, firstly their own and their kind of humanity. Secondly, they care about the idea of humanity which does not mean that everyone who is a human belongs in the same category as they see themselves as or think they are in. The ruling elites see themselves as the true caretakers of humanity and everyone else that thinks of their own humanity first is selfish because they don't look beyond that, they don't have the ideal of humanity in them.

Ironic, as even the elites themselves think the same thing first. What makes them different is their love for the ideal and its monument to them. That is why so many liberals, progressives and elites think of themselves as the voice for humanity and all social ills that create pitfalls, obstacles, and transgressions for humanity are to be forever removed or barred or sealed up as in archived one way or another. Perhaps, even met with fire and total destruction. The only problem is who gets saved since this is not yet the new Atlantis. All are guilty of such causes in humanity, right?

For the ruling elites, its 'naturally' them. Because, they have the money, the power, the mind set and time to make things right... to bring about Bensalem. What can we do? We can imagine with them as in if you can't beat em join up. Or, we can imagine Masada. Of course, that sounds pretty defeatist. What can you imagine? Are you going to imagine the New Atlantis and if so, what will you be doing, yes that is the question. Likely, in Bensalem the ruling elite are the ones who will find something for you to do in their New Atlantis or what you find yourself doing is what you imagined to do in such a place as you find you are there and that makes you one of them in the social imagination.

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