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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bad Choices ~ We all make them in the Social Imagination

What are bad choices and why do we make them?

Bad choices are firstly choices made based on a lack of information. We have only so much information in our heads (personal databank) as we can largely there due to the socialization which begins with mother. 

Bad choices are also made based on one's world view: how did it all happen and why am I here? So, you choose a world view (based on the information you have) and you make choices based on ther world view. So, if you reject the absolute truth that the world (universe/reality) was created by the Creator then you will rely on your relative view and your group, while at the same time blaming others outside of your group and including the 'state', to appeal to and seek support from them for your bad choices and or disgruntled opionion as to why things happen.

But, if you hold the world view that there is a Creator (God) and that He holds all things together, for He alone is the absolute truth you will seek Him when you make bad choices and not blame others including your own mother.

Most of the time, we make bad choices because we don't want to recognize the Creator nor are willing to submit to the absolute truth = a higher being, our Creator. So, by rejecting the absolute truth and all other absolute truths that follow the first, we become rebels without causes. Then there are those who recognize the absolute truth (s) but try to dominate the absolute truth which is what Lucifer 'Satan' did and does. Then there are those who use the absolute truth to get others to submit to and or worship them... like Lucifer 'Satan' did and does.

Now, you can be in denial of all what has just been said which still puts you in the rejection category and likely to make bad choices, but I would rather call those kind of bad choices, grave choices.  Yes, of course, anyone can make a bad choice who does not reject the absolute truth and declare that willingly he/she submits to the Creator's Will. Those kinds of bad choices are called transgressions - sin (s). But, thank God, the Creator our Lord and Savior that He sent His Son to redeem us.

If you are in rejection and still think there is an explanation, I can still give you one. You put yourself at the center of the universe and think that you have a right to do what you want with your own body and you have a right to say and think what you want and you have the right to make bad choices; ...and guess what? You do. The Creator accepts your free will because He gave you free will. He would never force anyone to love Him and would never force anyone to do what He thinks is best for you/them. If you want to make bad choices, He will let you in hopes that the consequences will draw you back to Him.

So, essentially by submitting ourselves to our own will, we dominate the Will of God and in our domination of Him we will lose His ability to dominate in our life, even to save it by His domination over our bad choices/sin and the evil one. 

In a secularist society, you pay for your bad choices. In a secular humanist society, you will be humanly put down for your bad choices.

Who pays for your bad choices? You will unless you let Jesus Christ who already did it.

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