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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Socialization in the Western Social Imagination!

Socialization begins with mother. So, if you think you that most problems in the world have been introduced to individuals by someone else, some other major influence... you're wrong. Mother is the first source in the social reality that we encounter and are initially programmed by. This is not bad. It is naturally engineered that way. Now, mother has only so much information at the time of one's birth. It maybe deemed good or bad by the wider society or dysfunctional or limited merely by lack of social interaction outside her small group 'community'' and wider social knowledge. This is true for all groups, every race, color, creed civilized or primitive.

In smaller a successful group 'familiar community', mother likely has more quality information because the information received is experienced as good given the group is successful using it; this applies to wealthy and poorer groups. So, in that sense, the information mother has gained from the group is seen as an advantage from being in a place. She transfers this information to the child even before birth and certainly immediately thereafter.  That information gets in on the ground floor, it gets embedded at the lowest, the deepest level of our social programming.

Now, if the mother and group especially is not surviving 'successfully' or being able to continue to survive successfully in the place that she/they find herself/themselves then that kind of information is transferred as well. There may be a decision to flee the group essentially becoming a refugee seeking another place for survival. She/they may decide to change the place as in move on, and attempt to  integrate into a group that is surviving because what it is doing is working a their place which may be just a better place. Which is not easy for her/them because she/they come with information attached as in embedded in her/them that did not work for her/them and or was false information or lacking in better information and or just different from the group to which she/they now attempt to belong.

Will other groups let her/them in? Yes, if it needs 'newbies'. This even applies to attempting to find a new partner/spouse who is of a slightly similar or certainly of a different group. Healthy newbies that can work for the group and maintain the group in their place with the least amount of imposition, successfully able to integrate without too much effort for the host will be allowed in. No, if the newbie wants the host group to change and or imposes on it rather than brings something to it.

We like to think that here in America, all groups have always been integrated well. Not true. Most or at least many groups will differ in their opinion. Some groups are excluded based on obvious physical differences, others because their information package is different (education/religion/income) and this has little to do with color.

Those that integrate well have fully adapted to the change of life in a new place and or are attempting to at least improve their information package by: learning the language (symbolizes/wordage/communication), the laws, the local ordinances, the way of life in that community -taboos and other. Can those trying to integrate be suddenly excluded? Sure, because they may suddenly appear as a threat or as a burden or unable to integrate and be 'like us'. This is true for all groups civilized or primitive. This is also true in the corporate world of work.

If you want to become one of them, join the 'in-group' then you have to make behavioral changes. You have to mimic, you have hang with them, talk like them and be them if you want to survive. This is true for all groups on the face of the earth and in the corporate world of work and it is true for liberal progressives. If you don't get with their program, you will be on the outside of that group.

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  1. When you carefully consider the socialization process explained above, you begin to understand why one must be born again. Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again" ~ John 3:3. What? You see, any mother is of a fallen nature, not having all correct and or positive information in all places at all times and thus she introduces and even embeds in her child whatever information she has 'on hand' which is not always true or good. So, in order to be a saved 'program', one must be born again in the spirit in order to overcome the flesh.