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Monday, January 23, 2017

Masks of Control ~ Where the jobs are and shouldn't be in the Social Imagination!

One does not really need to look at statistics to know that the majority of jobs are in management and administration; not in creative jobs. These are jobs that manage and or control society at home and at work. We have administration and or management over and above us all the time telling us how to live and what to do. Yet, ironically, all levels of education and parents and communities cry out for creativity in education and in the work place. There is no need for creativity unless we are talking about how to better 'creatively' manage as in control society.

The masks of control are everywhere.  Took a look around at the strongholds of control. The levels of management work as control mechanisms. They let blame be passed on and once near the bottom of the totem, its easier to cut those off than those at the top who control the system. We have too many people working in management and or in the administration of people's lives: in our communities, in education, in health care, social work and the final business of management is the prison system.

Most Americans are hypocrites. They like to preach forgiveness and moving forward in love and peace but actually they are far from it in any sense of a real life practice. Hence, they like to lob onto control mechanisms to feel safe and secure from others and even from themselves knowing that they are the root of all their social pitfalls produced by a dysfunctional social imagination.

We should be imagining and encouraging creative jobs not administrative jobs; and in this way, begin to see a drop in criminal and or deviate behavior, a love for education and genuine concern for our fellow men and women... and with that a genuine concern for families and children, the elderly and handicapped. And, in that concern, see and practice early intervention in health care and forward thinking in re-socialization that does not promote the prison system as a business, a place of jobs.

We need to take off the masks and let freedom in creativity pave the way. The freedom to be creative and innovative requires people to think for themselves and not be made to think by managers and or administrators.  People really can imagine what is best for them and they don't need someone else to do it for them.  But then, Satan creeps in and whispers, "that's dangerous, they are too ignorant to think for themselves".  And, we listen. Thus, we can't imagine that different opinions and worlds views are good things and we can all benefit no matter how much we may not like those 'other' world views and 'other' opinions.

How do you know that people don't trust or respect each other for their input for their 'different views' and or 'other' opinions? When they call for a top down centrally steered structure to make laws (that manage/administer) to control people, to shut them down. When you see people protesting against others in a slanderous and mocking way, screaming and crying against someone who simply thinks differently... then you know who still wants to and needs to wear a mask, hiding behind it as it is protecting them and us from each other.

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