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Monday, January 23, 2017

Un-Masking Creativity ~ Becoming Creative: Part I

In the previous blog, the masks of creativity were revealed - top down management and administration by people and institutions (controlled groups of people) who think THEY are the source of all creativity. In this 'Part I', we will begin discover how to unmask creativity and become creative. We need first to understand and embrace the fact that there is a Creator and His is the absolute Creator. Otherwise, all creativity is relative and no 'creativity' is anything special nor does 'creativity' exist. Without such a Creator, there could not be a 'path to creativity' or a path of/for creativity.

Point being... in the social imagination there has to be a recognized an absolute, infinite, non local constant Creator that is all things and holds all things together. Thus being a platform of departure for the social imagination - social reality and creativity. This absolute must be seen as the ultimate source of all authority, knowledge and truth. You see, we cannot be creative in a state of entropy unless we define, accept and or agree upon an absolute that never changes.

If we do not commit to that absolute, there is no creativity ... whatever creativity we imagine is not essentially creative and in fact,  cannot be recognized as truly creative by anyone. This is the beginning of unmasking creativity that we experience here and now by a top down management and administration of men/women who think that they are the source of creativity. Because, without an absolute, they/we are just a hollow mask and any creativity isn't really creative.

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