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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Adjusted American ... a Knit Wit Mut? Who is calling who names?

How is that possible? How to get a knit wit mut? Well, it usually happens when you start crossing DNA, or breeds or ethnicities, morals and ethics; replacing it with mediocrity of the state... you educate for dumbed down, brainwashed or brain-dead citizens so as to keep them ignorant as planned.  Planned by who? The corrupt ruling elite with their world view and its agenda, supported by their corporations, and their desire to control and accumulate wealth... as in greed.

The motto used... "You want to be like don't you", so get an education the one we offer, that job we own, along with that house and you will have fit the bill, be riding the same band wagon, agreeing with their world view. You will eat what they shove in front of you GMO glorified... all in the name of togetherness. As if Americans can't think for themselves; and sadly many no longer can. But, they like it that way... they are so nicely adjusted and why not be. As long as there is a nearby pizza or hamburger joint, a department store and a super grocery store what more would you want... so everybody's happy as in a happily adjusted knit wit American.

You will not see here a true knitted integration of diversity on all levels including economic. You will not see here local vendors in front of big box stores selling their homegrown veggies or honey. You will not see here people growing their own food or collecting eggs in their backyard garden as a normal and regular activity. Nor riding bikes to work, or walking to the store to make shopping. Occasionally, yes but those people are the outcast, they have to do it because they refused to be adjusted or can't afford to be adjusted.

Ask them what they think and they will tell you not much that hasn't already been offered, framed or embedded. Ask them who they are and they will tell you just like anyone else and that's the truth! Ask them if there are a woman or a man, ask them who they are in general and they will likely stammer or pick something out of the rainbow, the color of the day. Why can't they be one of a kind? Why can't they be connected to a place by blood, by tradition, by custom, by family?  Because, they have been adjusted at least the best of them.

But wait... So, who is calling the shots regarding their life, their being 'happy' in a place, is it the banksters, the lobbyists, industrialists, or ambulance chasers, health care institutionalists, food manufacturers and or pharmaceutical moguls? Its not them the adjusted American that's for sure. Its the un-adjusted, the one on the outside of the pot of soup, the cook with the spoon, the chef with the fancy spread, the leader of the knit wit muts. The adjusted American is too busy not doing anything they should not be doing if they know what is good for them. They are those who could not and would not want to make any decision on their own, who could not and would not be able to, who could not and would not want to, who could not and would not even think of it.

What can they do? They can do what they are told and they can do it well. The can and often do graduate, become esteemed among their kind and their handlers, praised and rewarded. Those that don't rise very high can be comforted. Pet the mut with big screen tvs, faster internet and instant dinners, cheap labels and social media products and they will be a loyal friend for life; and if you as a mut accept that you will be a favored knit wit mut knitted in among knit wit muts a true adjusted American. That is a name to be called and proud of!

What am I? A mut unfortunately who never was or will become adjusted...Hence, never did or will get into Pokemon Go.

*Since freedom of speech is still allowed, let's not get all bent out of shape about this... smile ya knit wit!