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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Comfortable Poverty in the Social Imagination

What does comfortable poverty mean? Its really a very polite and politically correct way to describe what is or will be the lifestyle of the majority in the 21st century post modern social imagination.

It may very well be that in the new world order or global economy, if you can't work or can't find work or even don't want to work, you can be taken care of by the state. That was/is a comfortable situation for everyone. There was/is no reason to worry about work as in getting a job or not having one and no reason to report unemployment because essentially there is always full employment for those who can work, are able to find work and want to work.

For those not working, life is the situation of comfortable poverty. In this situation, one has the basic needs satisfied by the government; place to live (no homeless), food to eat, health care, education and recreation. Clothing is rather exchanged among people or sought at civil society organizations which provide donated clothes passed on by workers. Not a bad situation. The question is and has been... is it sustainable? 

Perhaps it is sustainable as long as the majority is on board with this kind of social imagination. Why not provide housing in apartment complexes that have additional health and well being attributes that will make life for everyone easier and comfortable. As for recreation, it is pretty much available to all; namely, the Great Outdoors, nothing could be better than fresh air and blueberries just outside your door.

Transportation, bicycles...for all and so is or would  be basic education and higher education for those that qualify. Why not higher education for everyone? What for, when secondary schools would be improved to the point that most jobs would only require training.  That sounds pretty comfortable, doesn't it?

Why call this comfortable poverty? Because in this new world order, no one is/will be above anyone else as far as the majority is concerned. Comfort is sustainable where wealth is not; unless, you exploit other people. Yet, do we really do our brother good by providing for him or by providing a means for him? If we constantly provide for him, he will surely and always be poor in spirit though comfortable and surely he will be with us in the land for as long as we sustain him/her there. Yet, if we freely open our hands, to say "here, see what you can do"... then surely our brother will no longer be poor in spirit nor just comfortable with what is and no longer held in/by those in the land.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gendered Roles ~ Necessary in the Social Imagination!

Gendered roles in the social imagination are necessary. Someone has to be the dad and someone has to be the mom. Those roles have to be socially steered as in taught. As of today, the female body still has the God given equipment to bear children. She is the mother, the nurturer and the father is the provider and protector. Even if we flip flop this like many people today attempt to do, does not change what was just put forward: someone has to be the mom and someone has to be the dad; otherwise we won't have society as we know it. What will be?

It will be a society of things and roles will be only what the things say they are in order to maintain things as things which just happen to have different waste eliminating equipment; which means they can use the same bathroom since it is just a matter of equipment. In such a brave new world, the social imagination will be gender free and gendered free. You may well ask, what is that? What does that mean? Nothing! Yes, that is what it means and will mean - nothing. All things and no things living in a world of nothing as in no meaning.

Yes, you doubt that. But, you can't describe to me what meaning there will be in a gender free world. You can say that there will be love and peace as no one will be 'gender' defined by society. And, I will say that being gender free makes everyone just a thing not a person. Otherwise you will have to define what is a person without using gender since you are arguing for 'gender' free. And, you won't be able to do that. Again, I will ask so what kind of things will they be and what will society look like?

You will say that the 'things' as I am calling them will be the kind of person we have always dreamed of. There will be love without judgement and everlasting peace. I will say where did you get that idea? You will say it is a true idea that man has known since the beginning. I will say since what beginning. You will say since man's evolution. I will say how do you know man is evolved? You will say because he is. I will again say, how do you know. You will not say anything. Because, you have no proof of man's evolving as you claim or understand it to be.

I will say that what you say about love and peace you borrowed everything from the Creator of Heaven and Earth Jesus Christ. You will deny it. You will say it is man's own thinking and Christ was a man that had it right and was put to death by men who would not accept what he was saying. True enough. But, that means any man can be a 'christ' as you put it. Moreover, I will point that if we are so evolved as you say, then we should already be christs on earth; after all he was on the earth so long ago and since he was evolved then that such positive evolution should have continued and by now we should already be christs in his likeness and living in love and peace. In saying that, you might even agree to that. But, you can't since that is not the case. Men have not evolved and become christs which by now they should have according to your view.

You don't and won't have an answer why we have not evolved then into better men/women or 'christs'. But, I do. This is a fallen world and Jesus Christ came not only to tell us how to live in it, but more...that we would be delivered from it.

In a gendered world, as order by God Jesus Christ who was at the beginning and will be forever, instruction was given to males and females for His purpose. His command for us was/is to be in union as male and female and not in competition so that we can come to say there is no difference, we are the same as the other. God created male and female to be in harmony with each other in our differences as in complimentary. In this we have meaning and understanding about our created differences. Society that embraces that has meaning in a God created world.

In this fallen world, we can expect people to be/act in sin (reject God's hierarchy of gender) and they are. Thank God Christ came. He came for sinners and thus the meaning of His coming for our salvation is a Merciful Blessing for a lifetime and for all time. In that salvation, we no longer wish to pursue sin. We are encouraged by Christ to overcome it (by the Word of God) and pursue life here as if we were already delivered from it and in this way love and peace have the greatest meaning. This was the message of Jesus Christ which also meant to tell us that the only way to the Father (Creator) and His promise of eternal is by Him, His son Jesus Christ!

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Biggest Clowns in the Social Imagination

Who are the biggest clowns in the social imagination ~ Corporate Clowns (Bankers, CEOs)! Sound unfair. Who said life was fair and that is how they big banks and corporations see it.

CEOs of corporations or banks which are also corporations go from one CEO post to another regardless of their previous job... its is being one of the group - in group; hanging with the right people, going to the right colleges and living in the right neighborhoods, etc.  There is no real corporate transparency. All you have to do is make sure you can run with the big dogs when they get off the porch. There are many instances when corporate big dogs make a run for the money and either tell no one else or very few. Their motto is based on need to know. If you in their opinion don't need to know, then you will be left out in the cold/dark/on the porch.

This whole economy is a clown circus. Worse, it is actually a fraud. The money itself is not real. The Federal Reserve prints what they need to keep the stock market going and investment banks rolling in order to keep them and their clowns in a job. Imagine if you had a printing press in your basement. You would print as much as you wanted in order to keep yourself and friends going. Then you even have the luxury to loan that money to the government who is actually held together by the tax payer at a high rate of interest, It is a pyramid scheme that uses funny money. Its their money and they make a pile first for themselves. The government is the second group to have access to the money and they play with it. By the time it gets to us it has very little value left and that why it buys you less.

We in our little micromanaged social imaginations have been told to just go by stuff with this abundance of funny money and we can all pretend we are well off. In reality, we are running up debt to keep our life style going, printing money that we don't have. We don't own any real wealth and our country is the same soup. Everyting is running on a debt game or in a debt circus.

In everyone's social imagination, they want to believe that those at the top, the clowns with the toys and cotton candy, are just kidding around and everything is really ok or will be as soon as they get a new act together. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Technology in the Social Imagination ~ Our Salvation... Really?

Yes, when you look around it appears that technology is making more lives easy but that does not mean better. A lot of people are losing their jobs because of technology. I don't think that technology can give 300 million+ people (US pop.) what they want when they want it. Who would be in charge of that kind of distribution? Likely, a few elite. Those that created it (don't have they first dibs) and those that control it (they have the money to manufacture it). You can argue all you want that technology will give an individual more freedom but I can tell you that is a false view of freedom. It means that you an individual will be enslaved by the technology as it will become your master. It may give you a sense of freedom but in fact, it will be controlled by someone or something. We will buy into this type of control by fear mongering along with the promise of freedom.

In this moment, we should reflect on a past system though not technological was operating by the same principles- Communism. The communist social hierarchy 'model' was based on merit. Any kind of 'freedom' was allowed based on what was deserved and that was determined by top controllers. What will get most people to agree to being under control will be the fear element (safety) and the promise of eternity.

Now, do you think that some 'benevolent' government or some 'technology' controlled by a 'benevolent' government would know what is best for you at any and every moment in your life and your child's let alone the moment when you really need something... and remember the government is made up of sinful men/women just like you! Those at the top in a fallen world will always serve themselves first and do so  according to the law that they wrote.

Even if such promises could be made and be determined lawful, who is in control. Man or a computer program developed by man? In the end, everyone (billions of people) would have to socially agree that those that created and or developed the technology would be the most deserving; after all, they created it (not everyone has a PhD from MIT) and thus as the creators deemed the 'smart' people or 'necessary' for the time being until they are replaced by technology would get first dibs.

Don't be fooled by your corrupted social imagination.  Stop looking to a malevolent entity! Look to one that is all benevolent - the truly loving and only Creator/Savior ~ Jesus Christ!!!!

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "I want to know the thoughts of God.... I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details".

Most people don't know that Albert Einstein did believe in a God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, Albert Einstein view on atheism. He said:

        “I’m not an atheist and I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God.”

Knowledge of God is the mind’s greatest good: its greatest virtue is to know God ~ Baruch Spinoza.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reality is God's Creation!

Reality is a projection from the Social Imagination, a created program -  imagined and created by the greatest programmer of all ~ God the Creator of Heaven and Earth of all things seen and unseen!

I just read an article that declares it has the answer to why life exists. I paste here only a sample of it. The irony I found in it is that this recent 'scientific' article is actually proof that a supreme programmer exists, as in His creativeness we can find living and according to the article non living matter (proposed in the full article) replicating, making copies of itself. How? Both are following a program, created by a programmer.

Title of Article ~ Why does life exist? (see source at the bottom of the page).

The first statement made is - "Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning, and a colossal stroke of luck."

... Mmmm luck. According to the rest of this article, luck is not possible in a program by design.  All theory and findings proposed in this article actually support a supreme programmer who created an incredible self aware reproducing program, that has fallen into a corrupt state and is scrambling to reboot. 

"But if a provocative new theory is correct, luck may have little to do with it. Instead, according to the physicist proposing the idea, the origin and subsequent evolution of life follow from the fundamental laws of nature and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.”
From the standpoint of physics, there is one essential difference between living things and inanimate clumps of carbon atoms: The former tend to be much better at capturing energy from their environment and dissipating that energy as heat.

Jeremy England an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has derived a mathematical formula that he believes explains this capacity. The formula, based on established physics, indicates that when a group of atoms is driven by an external source of energy (like the sun or chemical fuel) and surrounded by a heat bath (like the ocean or atmosphere), it will often gradually restructure itself in order to dissipate increasingly more energy. This could mean that, under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life (Who is providing the 'certain condition'?).

“You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant,” England said. (Wow - Praise God! This is not meant as sarcasm, because I mean that; but then I could say that the sarcasm is actually directed toward anyone who claims to be 'self- made scientist' as that is what England in fact declares to be since I see no credit being given to the true Creator-the One who started).

England’s theory is meant to underlie, rather than replace, Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, which provides a powerful description of life at the level of genes and populations. “I am certainly not saying that Darwinian ideas are wrong,” he explained. “On the contrary, I am just saying that from the perspective of the physics, you might call Darwinian evolution a special case of a more general phenomenon.”

His idea, being delivered at universities around the world, has sparked controversy among his colleagues, who see it as either tenuous or a potential breakthrough, or both. England has taken “a very brave and very important step,” (really? oh to be so bold to take such credit) said Alexander Grosberg, a professor of physics at New York University who has followed England’s work since its early stages. The “big hope” is that he has identified the underlying physical principle driving the origin and evolution of life, Grosberg said.

“Jeremy is just about the brightest young scientist I ever came across,” said Attila Szabo, (and who was Albert Einstein?) a biophysicist in the Laboratory of Chemical Physics at the National Institutes of Health who corresponded with England about his theory after meeting him at a conference. “I was struck by the originality of the ideas.” (Really??? guess he never read the Bible).

Others, such as Eugene Shakhnovich, a professor of chemistry, chemical biology and biophysics at Harvard University, are not convinced. “Jeremy’s ideas are interesting and potentially promising, but at this point are extremely speculative, especially as applied to life phenomena,” Shakhnovich said. (Mmm, finally someone with sense.)
England’s theoretical results are generally considered valid. It is his interpretation — that his formula represents the driving force behind a class of phenomena in nature that includes life — that remains unproven. But already, there are ideas about how to test that interpretation in the lab.

“He’s trying something radically different,” said Mara Prentiss, a professor of physics at Harvard who is contemplating such an experiment after learning about England’s work. “As an organizing lens, I think he has a fabulous idea. Right or wrong, it’s going to be very much worth the investigation.”

... Mmm, let a Christian propose that God created the universe and he/she will definitely get called radical and even stupid rather than genius.) Its ok for England to be right or wrong... he is potentially promising. FYI - God is potentially promising! 

Screen Shot 2014 12 08 at 4.30.03 PM 

Thanks for this ~ Courtesy of Jeremy England, a computer simulation by Jeremy England and colleagues shows a system of particles confined inside a viscous fluid in which the turquoise particles are driven by an oscillating force. Over time (from top to bottom), the force triggers the formation of more bonds among the particles. (All self made scientists would tag on such a 'courtesy', they support each other because what is real for them is based on 'their' agreement reality- their selfish social imagination).

At the heart of England’s idea is the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of increasing entropy or the “arrow of time.”

... Yes, now England is finally using the right argument ~  the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God. And in fact, throughout the article discussing his 'great potential find' all arguments for the existence of God are present. Thank you and Praise the Lord!

Arguments for the Existence of God

1-      Ontological Argument – If there is an idea for something; the idea itself can’t just pop up out of thin air, it is only possible because of prior experience or knowledge as the essential basis for it. It means that there is a pre event for it or condition or situation or instruction. 

2-      Cosmological Argument – If there is a beginning, then there was a beginner as in cause and effect.  If there is you then who caused you? If there is a universe, then who or what caused the universe? If the earth was caused of cosmic dust, who caused the dust? If life on earth exists in complexity, then what caused such complexity including the fact the earth is just the right distance from the sun, on a specific orbit spinning on its axis at a specific tilt to the sun. Such complexity as there is in the universe cannot just ‘pop up’ out of nothing.

3-      Teleological Argument – If there is complex designer, there is a complex designer. Information comes from other information or informer. No thing can just pop up out of nothing.  Design is not realted to chaos in any way possible. Design is caused and its cause came from someone who caused it = Designer. Complexity begets complexity, simplicity does not beget complexity. 

4-      Anthropological Argument – Universal Moral Law. In all people simple or elegant, civilized or intellectual and even in some animals, killing one’s own kind is understood innately as wrong.  In Romans 2: 14-15, Paul tells us that the Gentiles have the law but they do (by nature) what is required by the law. How/Why? Because, it is/was written on their hearts by their Creator. Where did universal law come from? From a universal law maker.  Atheists like to say they don’t need God to be kind, or obey the law. Where did they get the law?

One might ask how could these 'self made' scientists, not know this and think that they have just discovered why life exists. It is because this program, created by God (the supreme programmer) was corrupted and is still corrupt hence in a state of entropy. Because of that corruption, some programs in it fail in their function and deny the Creator. They now think that they are the creators or that they are discovering what they imagine to be true. As one reads the article, this is made obvious.  That is all... what they imagine is real. What drives their imagination is the greater question. This was a question put to Albert Einstein. He responded "I want to know the thoughts of God.... I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details".

Most people don't know that Albert Einstein did believe in a God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, Albert Einstein view on atheism. He said:

        “I’m not an atheist and I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God.”

Knowledge of God is the mind’s greatest good: its greatest virtue is to know God ~ Baruch Spinoza.

* In this text, the term self made in the meaning of denying that man is a creation, created by a Creator.

If you care to, read the rest of the article here ~ http://www.businessinsider.com/physicist-has-a-groundbreaking-idea-about-why-life-exists-2016-1

Friday, January 1, 2016

Elites ~ The Ruling Class Runs the Show!

The ruling class runs the show. They are out for themselves. Yet, the ruling class pose themselves as the rescuer of the minority that they deem worthy of their support and protection and they set them against other groups that they (ruling class) don't' support which keeps the mob busy attacking each other rather than keeping an eye on the elite ruling class. It is a slight of hand. They are the tricksters. They are very good at convincing us that we are the problem... not them.

Dr. Martin Luther King was not an elite and perhaps the reason why he was a great example of a true integrationist and not a manipulator like most white and even black progressive elitists today. He truly believed in integrating people and creating individual justice in the process. As soon as he was gone, the whole movement changed from integration to conflict which seems to now be never ending.

The ruling class sustains apartheid by labeling groups to control them. They break down the segregated society to come in as the hero and then they re-segregate to suit their agenda.

They are those who live in mansions, in gated communities. They are the ultimate segregationists. They scream out "how dare you have the same life style, the same salary, the same house, the same boat, the same position as me"? Then in order to not feel guilty about who they are.... they come up with social programs to make their guilt disappear.

They the ruling class elites are very convincing as they are the masters of social media and propaganda . They own the media of which there only a couple of major media multinational corporations. The messages we get are coming from a few individuals. Everything they say has an agenda which I mentioned above. They create conditions and events so that they look like the hero but it is only about maintaining their power and status. They know what buttons to push. They spark the public with fear and say "We have to go to war" whether abroad or at home and in our neighborhoods. Their power trip has to come to end but the masses are so easily persuaded and manipulated that their enlightenment will likely never happen.

What will happened is that the ruling class will continue their illusion of change which means that it is the same group with different names in fact. This social scenario has happened many times in history. Its ongoing. It has been recognized by sociologists ever since sociologists with true insight of human behavior studied, wrote about and taught this social science. Sadly in America today classical theory is not allowed to be be taught because then students would understand the dynamics of this social phenomenon - elitist control over the masses.

They the ruling elite want to teach antagonist politics, gender and race bating. So that,
the next generation is fully submersed in victimization and blame which keeps the ruling class in power. Hard to believe, isn't it. If you do some research, you will find out that the ruling elite control universities in America and they want 'professors' to teach what they the elites think and believe and want which means to teach labels so that they (ruling elites) will be sustained.

The image of society is meant to look 'right' but it is not. There are as many minorities working for the elitists as there are whites and or others. The elite agenda does not change. They arrange the pyramid to look nice because they are the ones behind the scenes calling the shots and there they will remain.

Yes, they the ruling elite will be the most critical of this blog because they are being called out for who they really are.

*2016 Resolution ~ Wake up and smell the coffee! But, then most will cave because if you can't beat em ... better to join em.