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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Biggest Clowns in the Social Imagination

Who are the biggest clowns in the social imagination ~ Corporate Clowns (Bankers, CEOs)! Sound unfair. Who said life was fair and that is how they big banks and corporations see it.

CEOs of corporations or banks which are also corporations go from one CEO post to another regardless of their previous job... its is being one of the group - in group; hanging with the right people, going to the right colleges and living in the right neighborhoods, etc.  There is no real corporate transparency. All you have to do is make sure you can run with the big dogs when they get off the porch. There are many instances when corporate big dogs make a run for the money and either tell no one else or very few. Their motto is based on need to know. If you in their opinion don't need to know, then you will be left out in the cold/dark/on the porch.

This whole economy is a clown circus. Worse, it is actually a fraud. The money itself is not real. The Federal Reserve prints what they need to keep the stock market going and investment banks rolling in order to keep them and their clowns in a job. Imagine if you had a printing press in your basement. You would print as much as you wanted in order to keep yourself and friends going. Then you even have the luxury to loan that money to the government who is actually held together by the tax payer at a high rate of interest, It is a pyramid scheme that uses funny money. Its their money and they make a pile first for themselves. The government is the second group to have access to the money and they play with it. By the time it gets to us it has very little value left and that why it buys you less.

We in our little micromanaged social imaginations have been told to just go by stuff with this abundance of funny money and we can all pretend we are well off. In reality, we are running up debt to keep our life style going, printing money that we don't have. We don't own any real wealth and our country is the same soup. Everyting is running on a debt game or in a debt circus.

In everyone's social imagination, they want to believe that those at the top, the clowns with the toys and cotton candy, are just kidding around and everything is really ok or will be as soon as they get a new act together. 

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