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Friday, January 1, 2016

Elites ~ The Ruling Class Runs the Show!

The ruling class runs the show. They are out for themselves. Yet, the ruling class pose themselves as the rescuer of the minority that they deem worthy of their support and protection and they set them against other groups that they (ruling class) don't' support which keeps the mob busy attacking each other rather than keeping an eye on the elite ruling class. It is a slight of hand. They are the tricksters. They are very good at convincing us that we are the problem... not them.

Dr. Martin Luther King was not an elite and perhaps the reason why he was a great example of a true integrationist and not a manipulator like most white and even black progressive elitists today. He truly believed in integrating people and creating individual justice in the process. As soon as he was gone, the whole movement changed from integration to conflict which seems to now be never ending.

The ruling class sustains apartheid by labeling groups to control them. They break down the segregated society to come in as the hero and then they re-segregate to suit their agenda.

They are those who live in mansions, in gated communities. They are the ultimate segregationists. They scream out "how dare you have the same life style, the same salary, the same house, the same boat, the same position as me"? Then in order to not feel guilty about who they are.... they come up with social programs to make their guilt disappear.

They the ruling class elites are very convincing as they are the masters of social media and propaganda . They own the media of which there only a couple of major media multinational corporations. The messages we get are coming from a few individuals. Everything they say has an agenda which I mentioned above. They create conditions and events so that they look like the hero but it is only about maintaining their power and status. They know what buttons to push. They spark the public with fear and say "We have to go to war" whether abroad or at home and in our neighborhoods. Their power trip has to come to end but the masses are so easily persuaded and manipulated that their enlightenment will likely never happen.

What will happened is that the ruling class will continue their illusion of change which means that it is the same group with different names in fact. This social scenario has happened many times in history. Its ongoing. It has been recognized by sociologists ever since sociologists with true insight of human behavior studied, wrote about and taught this social science. Sadly in America today classical theory is not allowed to be be taught because then students would understand the dynamics of this social phenomenon - elitist control over the masses.

They the ruling elite want to teach antagonist politics, gender and race bating. So that,
the next generation is fully submersed in victimization and blame which keeps the ruling class in power. Hard to believe, isn't it. If you do some research, you will find out that the ruling elite control universities in America and they want 'professors' to teach what they the elites think and believe and want which means to teach labels so that they (ruling elites) will be sustained.

The image of society is meant to look 'right' but it is not. There are as many minorities working for the elitists as there are whites and or others. The elite agenda does not change. They arrange the pyramid to look nice because they are the ones behind the scenes calling the shots and there they will remain.

Yes, they the ruling elite will be the most critical of this blog because they are being called out for who they really are.

*2016 Resolution ~ Wake up and smell the coffee! But, then most will cave because if you can't beat em ... better to join em.

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