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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gendered Roles ~ Necessary in the Social Imagination!

Gendered roles in the social imagination are necessary. Someone has to be the dad and someone has to be the mom. Those roles have to be socially steered as in taught. As of today, the female body still has the God given equipment to bear children. She is the mother, the nurturer and the father is the provider and protector. Even if we flip flop this like many people today attempt to do, does not change what was just put forward: someone has to be the mom and someone has to be the dad; otherwise we won't have society as we know it. What will be?

It will be a society of things and roles will be only what the things say they are in order to maintain things as things which just happen to have different waste eliminating equipment; which means they can use the same bathroom since it is just a matter of equipment. In such a brave new world, the social imagination will be gender free and gendered free. You may well ask, what is that? What does that mean? Nothing! Yes, that is what it means and will mean - nothing. All things and no things living in a world of nothing as in no meaning.

Yes, you doubt that. But, you can't describe to me what meaning there will be in a gender free world. You can say that there will be love and peace as no one will be 'gender' defined by society. And, I will say that being gender free makes everyone just a thing not a person. Otherwise you will have to define what is a person without using gender since you are arguing for 'gender' free. And, you won't be able to do that. Again, I will ask so what kind of things will they be and what will society look like?

You will say that the 'things' as I am calling them will be the kind of person we have always dreamed of. There will be love without judgement and everlasting peace. I will say where did you get that idea? You will say it is a true idea that man has known since the beginning. I will say since what beginning. You will say since man's evolution. I will say how do you know man is evolved? You will say because he is. I will again say, how do you know. You will not say anything. Because, you have no proof of man's evolving as you claim or understand it to be.

I will say that what you say about love and peace you borrowed everything from the Creator of Heaven and Earth Jesus Christ. You will deny it. You will say it is man's own thinking and Christ was a man that had it right and was put to death by men who would not accept what he was saying. True enough. But, that means any man can be a 'christ' as you put it. Moreover, I will point that if we are so evolved as you say, then we should already be christs on earth; after all he was on the earth so long ago and since he was evolved then that such positive evolution should have continued and by now we should already be christs in his likeness and living in love and peace. In saying that, you might even agree to that. But, you can't since that is not the case. Men have not evolved and become christs which by now they should have according to your view.

You don't and won't have an answer why we have not evolved then into better men/women or 'christs'. But, I do. This is a fallen world and Jesus Christ came not only to tell us how to live in it, but more...that we would be delivered from it.

In a gendered world, as order by God Jesus Christ who was at the beginning and will be forever, instruction was given to males and females for His purpose. His command for us was/is to be in union as male and female and not in competition so that we can come to say there is no difference, we are the same as the other. God created male and female to be in harmony with each other in our differences as in complimentary. In this we have meaning and understanding about our created differences. Society that embraces that has meaning in a God created world.

In this fallen world, we can expect people to be/act in sin (reject God's hierarchy of gender) and they are. Thank God Christ came. He came for sinners and thus the meaning of His coming for our salvation is a Merciful Blessing for a lifetime and for all time. In that salvation, we no longer wish to pursue sin. We are encouraged by Christ to overcome it (by the Word of God) and pursue life here as if we were already delivered from it and in this way love and peace have the greatest meaning. This was the message of Jesus Christ which also meant to tell us that the only way to the Father (Creator) and His promise of eternal is by Him, His son Jesus Christ!

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