Exploring the Social Imagination

Monday, April 18, 2011

Change your World, Change your Social Imagintion ... Change your Words

In a great sense, the Social Imagination is a quantum program coded from a basic setting, running and expanding by/through the social connections you make. Bad connections can lead to bad social encounters, corruption information. Sometimes bad connections are made because of corrupted information. Reality is always dependent upon the observer and sometimes, bad connections are made because of bad observations, which can and yet are not always due to corrupted information, most of the time this is the case. When corrupted information is received and applied, it causes a change in your world, a change in your social imagination. The social imagination as a quantum computer works basically like any computer, viruses/corrupt information can get in and change everything. Your social imagination as a computer acts on that information, that virus and it may no longer remember the original program, the clean and uncorrupted program. Is that original program lost? No, not in cyberspace, not in your social imagination, but it is hidden under layers of information, layers of observations/and executed tasks. You would think that such a computer is immune to such corruption, and it is. Immunity lies in the observer. Reality is dependent upon the observer, if you see things one way and act on that, you may be acting on corrupted information. If you find yourself asking, Why me? Why this now? It is rather that you have accepted a virus, corrupt information. In order to change your world, change your social imagination of it. It is not easy, but Look deeply into your social self ... the power lies in your social imagination and it begins with one word, or a few simple words, a command .... every program runs on commands coded from words. Recognize your incorrect input/observation and then Imagine the right words, write them down, speak them out loud and change the social imagination of your world.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The real world is dependent upon the observer

The social imagination is you, a composition of selves imagining itself among others but never a thing in itself.
The real world is dependent upon the observer and his or her observations as a collection of selves. Can you change your social imagination? You can. It requires only that you change what you see. If you can't seem to change it, think what you can do to change yourself as a collection of selves and your social imagination, your world, will change with you. My husband who operates God School found this video (see attached) to use on his blog. I too think it can be used to describe something significant about social reality in that we are the creator inasmuch as it creates us with no beginning and no end, as the creator is the source of our social imagination.Who or what is the creator, it is in our imagination. And, when we try to observe it... what manifests to the observer is dependent upon the observer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Non Locality of Social Imagination

Non locality allows the social imagination to exist as a cyberspace- it does have a point of departure; the first of the three aspects. Objectively, there is no you, but rather a you because of your social connections made over a period of time through social interaction, which potentially will continue and you will expand depending on the second function - the concept creative function of social imagination shaped by the first function with its three functions. The more social you are locally and non locally, the bigger your imagination becomes. A question that has been discussed often in philosophy concerns the concept of individual.  The only individual is you as a unique composition of selves... all the selves that have socialized you thus far compose you, compose your social imagination and that is all you are. If you think and behave in a certain way, you do so on that premise. You can never know yourself or any others outside of your human mind- made a thing in itself through social interaction made possible through social imagination; in saying that, you can never know yourself as a thing in itself. You can not be a hero or a man or a woman or an individual outside of social imagination. You know those ideas because of social imagination.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What is in Your Social Imagination?

Social Imagination- your Quantum Hologram is your means to a positive social reality

The first function of the Social Imagination allows us to live/exist as 3-dimensional beings embedded in a holographic universe of infinite ‘imagination’, infinite because of the social imagination’s second function. We are perceivers of the Quantum Universe and receivers of the information radiating from the Quantum Holograph because we live immersed in the relationship between the first function and second function of social imagination . The first function acts as a frequency field which is decoded and burned into our 3-dimensional world. Before anything can change in our 3-dimensional world the second function - the concept/creative, the first function (which allows us to exist 3-dimensionally) must be operationalized allowing access to the second. This happens through imagining, which is the ultimate social imagination tool. In this process,  imaginings in the first function form in the Quantum Hologram, they are embedded there. These are simple imagined everyday interactions occurring in context of social interaction grounding us in that 3D dimension; and, change in that 3D dimension depends on our own abilities to imagine, to use our collective consciousness as it is ever able to expand, which is to access and apply the second function to the max.
Said another way, if it’s not in the Quantum Hologram 'social imagination' then change in social imagination- social reality cannot manifest in this 3D world or can it have any possible change or new qualities in it.

The size of Your Social Imagination depends on you. It can be the widest possible Quantum Hologram, where you operate on a program ‘burned’ recorded information that determines and builds your 3-dimensional world. The constant relationship of the first and second functions in that 3D world act on that information burned onto your CD or a DVD, and that information gets “played” over and over and you either feel socially ill or well depending on what’s written and or stored on your CD in your Hologram, in your social imagination. Changes in your social imagination mean change in your Quantum Hologram and change requires deleting or vaulting harmful corrupted information so that it cannot manifest in your social reality. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend just how deeply into the Quantum this process goes.  Just know this, anytime a person receives harmonious frequency information recording onto or into their Quantum Hologram ‘social imagination’, their social reality- social imagination, gets rebooted.
Can you imagine never carrying a dysfunctional social pattern/behavior or social pain again? What is in your Social Imagination?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let there Be Light

Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, is known for his involvement in the creation of quantum computers and an advocate for the idea of the universe as information processor, he believes that the universe is fundamentally quantum mechanical. It functions as he has shown that quantum computers can simulate any system that obeys the known laws of physics in a straightforward and efficient way. Essentially quantum computers are universal quantum simulators. It seems that the universe is indistinguishable from a quantum computer. Assuming that the universe is a quantum processor of information,it would be synonymous with the social imagination as I described in previous posts. Then what is the universe 'social imaginaation' computing? An explanation for the intricacy, complexity and diversity of the cosmos, an explanation for itself, for being. If we were to imagine that we are what we doubt...a social imagination, a self aware organic processor, programmed by another quantum computer of the same light properties, programmed by another of the same and of the same... we would be searching for an explanation for a beginning and an end (in physics this is the ongoing discussion- the beginning and end of the universe as we know it), finding such a beginning or end would not satisfy such an entity (a quantum computer, a social imagination) programmed into being, into imagining. It is an entity of endless imagination.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Consciousness matters... Every Thought Builds Reality

The concept of universe does not require matter as something solid existing outside of  social reality. The concept of universe is about imagination. The universe did not and does not exist outside the human mind. The concept of social reality follows that line of reason as no one can ever know reality outside of the human mind, the locus of society. Human civilizations, societies, have been and are built by thoughts- the exchange and processing of information.The Social Imagination is essentially the exchange of thoughts interpreted as information; it has no beginning nor end knowable by its operational properties- the first and second function. The Social Imagination is an integral system due to previously imagined information collected and exchanged among members akin to information processing at the atomic level because it is the same only on a higher level of implementation and organization. Social imagination is the collective consciousness enabled through  the relation among personal ideas... operating as a quantum computer, a neural firing network of light particles, the matter of consciousness imagining itself into existence through the exchange of information- accepted as real and relayed uncorrupted. In the relation of personal ideas among us, every thought, every neural connection (the hardware of social imagination) imagines it is real and this builds reality, a social reality built through social imagination equipped with a first and second function- the concept / creative function This encourages new  information to be imagined, social reality to be expanded.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Locus of Society

The Locus of society exists in the human mind, it is a collection of personal ideas among us, it is the social imagination. We imagine we are and who we are because of our imagining of others and that they are imagining us; and thus, we are a composite, a social imagination. We could never know ourselves without this ability to be a collection of personal ideas among us, we could not function without this ability, this fundamental aspect of social imagination. There never was or will be a single isolated entity that is not such a composite.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Symbolic Universe

The social imagination is a symbolic universe communicated through social interaction; in effect, a social reality is created; thus, the social imagination, a symbolic universe, is how and where the exchange and transference of information is experienced, coded as symbols and encountered for first time in the arms of our mother. This first encounter is the beginning of social imagination, beginning as socialization process; communicated, initially  from a  single source. Acknowledging this is fundamental in not only understanding the organization and or structure of social imagination in context of  the first function but more effectively and even crucially for understanding the second function – the concept / creative. This acknowledgment leads us to understand the significance of the communicated symbolic universe. 
The social imagination is the symbolic universe; it is the non- tangible social reality!