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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Non Locality of Social Imagination

Non locality allows the social imagination to exist as a cyberspace- it does have a point of departure; the first of the three aspects. Objectively, there is no you, but rather a you because of your social connections made over a period of time through social interaction, which potentially will continue and you will expand depending on the second function - the concept creative function of social imagination shaped by the first function with its three functions. The more social you are locally and non locally, the bigger your imagination becomes. A question that has been discussed often in philosophy concerns the concept of individual.  The only individual is you as a unique composition of selves... all the selves that have socialized you thus far compose you, compose your social imagination and that is all you are. If you think and behave in a certain way, you do so on that premise. You can never know yourself or any others outside of your human mind- made a thing in itself through social interaction made possible through social imagination; in saying that, you can never know yourself as a thing in itself. You can not be a hero or a man or a woman or an individual outside of social imagination. You know those ideas because of social imagination.

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