Exploring the Social Imagination

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Consciousness matters... Every Thought Builds Reality

The concept of universe does not require matter as something solid existing outside of  social reality. The concept of universe is about imagination. The universe did not and does not exist outside the human mind. The concept of social reality follows that line of reason as no one can ever know reality outside of the human mind, the locus of society. Human civilizations, societies, have been and are built by thoughts- the exchange and processing of information.The Social Imagination is essentially the exchange of thoughts interpreted as information; it has no beginning nor end knowable by its operational properties- the first and second function. The Social Imagination is an integral system due to previously imagined information collected and exchanged among members akin to information processing at the atomic level because it is the same only on a higher level of implementation and organization. Social imagination is the collective consciousness enabled through  the relation among personal ideas... operating as a quantum computer, a neural firing network of light particles, the matter of consciousness imagining itself into existence through the exchange of information- accepted as real and relayed uncorrupted. In the relation of personal ideas among us, every thought, every neural connection (the hardware of social imagination) imagines it is real and this builds reality, a social reality built through social imagination equipped with a first and second function- the concept / creative function This encourages new  information to be imagined, social reality to be expanded.

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  1. The reason that we are to love one another is because we are all connected in the non-local existence. I really like your post! Wonderful stuff!