Exploring the Social Imagination

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The real world is dependent upon the observer

The social imagination is you, a composition of selves imagining itself among others but never a thing in itself.
The real world is dependent upon the observer and his or her observations as a collection of selves. Can you change your social imagination? You can. It requires only that you change what you see. If you can't seem to change it, think what you can do to change yourself as a collection of selves and your social imagination, your world, will change with you. My husband who operates God School found this video (see attached) to use on his blog. I too think it can be used to describe something significant about social reality in that we are the creator inasmuch as it creates us with no beginning and no end, as the creator is the source of our social imagination.Who or what is the creator, it is in our imagination. And, when we try to observe it... what manifests to the observer is dependent upon the observer.

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