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Monday, April 18, 2011

Change your World, Change your Social Imagintion ... Change your Words

In a great sense, the Social Imagination is a quantum program coded from a basic setting, running and expanding by/through the social connections you make. Bad connections can lead to bad social encounters, corruption information. Sometimes bad connections are made because of corrupted information. Reality is always dependent upon the observer and sometimes, bad connections are made because of bad observations, which can and yet are not always due to corrupted information, most of the time this is the case. When corrupted information is received and applied, it causes a change in your world, a change in your social imagination. The social imagination as a quantum computer works basically like any computer, viruses/corrupt information can get in and change everything. Your social imagination as a computer acts on that information, that virus and it may no longer remember the original program, the clean and uncorrupted program. Is that original program lost? No, not in cyberspace, not in your social imagination, but it is hidden under layers of information, layers of observations/and executed tasks. You would think that such a computer is immune to such corruption, and it is. Immunity lies in the observer. Reality is dependent upon the observer, if you see things one way and act on that, you may be acting on corrupted information. If you find yourself asking, Why me? Why this now? It is rather that you have accepted a virus, corrupt information. In order to change your world, change your social imagination of it. It is not easy, but Look deeply into your social self ... the power lies in your social imagination and it begins with one word, or a few simple words, a command .... every program runs on commands coded from words. Recognize your incorrect input/observation and then Imagine the right words, write them down, speak them out loud and change the social imagination of your world.

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  1. The power of words! Most people have no idea how powerful words are. Out of our heart comes our thoughts and words. If we keep saying we are sick we will be sick. If we keep saying we are poor we will be poor. We become what we think and we say what we think. Acting on corrupted information creates further corruption and our words literally alter the reality tunnel we experience. So if people want to change their lives, they have to start speaking words that reflect what they want and not what they don't want. That idea seems to run counter to "logic" but so does quantum reality and yet it is the actual state of reality. Your reality is what you make of it. It is not craved in stone. It is malleable. And spoken words are the commands sent to the computer universe to make things happen. The right commands will make the right things happen.