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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let there Be Light

Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, is known for his involvement in the creation of quantum computers and an advocate for the idea of the universe as information processor, he believes that the universe is fundamentally quantum mechanical. It functions as he has shown that quantum computers can simulate any system that obeys the known laws of physics in a straightforward and efficient way. Essentially quantum computers are universal quantum simulators. It seems that the universe is indistinguishable from a quantum computer. Assuming that the universe is a quantum processor of information,it would be synonymous with the social imagination as I described in previous posts. Then what is the universe 'social imaginaation' computing? An explanation for the intricacy, complexity and diversity of the cosmos, an explanation for itself, for being. If we were to imagine that we are what we doubt...a social imagination, a self aware organic processor, programmed by another quantum computer of the same light properties, programmed by another of the same and of the same... we would be searching for an explanation for a beginning and an end (in physics this is the ongoing discussion- the beginning and end of the universe as we know it), finding such a beginning or end would not satisfy such an entity (a quantum computer, a social imagination) programmed into being, into imagining. It is an entity of endless imagination.

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  1. I feel that it is this ability to imagine that sets us apart. We are like the one who created us (imagined us). So if we are in His image and He is a able to imagine and he has imagined not just an incredibly complex and intricate cosmos but humanity as well (and each individual in it), then we are all a part of that imagination and we are able to imagine things into existence too.

    Beginnings and endings are irrelevant to an infinite mind. It is because we do not understand the quantum nature of our existence (and the illusion that "time" is real" beyond our immediate perceptions) that we seek beginnings and endings. The fact is that each human has existed since God imagined them and since His mind is infinite each person's existence is infinite as well.
    Just a thought! :-)