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Friday, April 8, 2011

What is in Your Social Imagination?

Social Imagination- your Quantum Hologram is your means to a positive social reality

The first function of the Social Imagination allows us to live/exist as 3-dimensional beings embedded in a holographic universe of infinite ‘imagination’, infinite because of the social imagination’s second function. We are perceivers of the Quantum Universe and receivers of the information radiating from the Quantum Holograph because we live immersed in the relationship between the first function and second function of social imagination . The first function acts as a frequency field which is decoded and burned into our 3-dimensional world. Before anything can change in our 3-dimensional world the second function - the concept/creative, the first function (which allows us to exist 3-dimensionally) must be operationalized allowing access to the second. This happens through imagining, which is the ultimate social imagination tool. In this process,  imaginings in the first function form in the Quantum Hologram, they are embedded there. These are simple imagined everyday interactions occurring in context of social interaction grounding us in that 3D dimension; and, change in that 3D dimension depends on our own abilities to imagine, to use our collective consciousness as it is ever able to expand, which is to access and apply the second function to the max.
Said another way, if it’s not in the Quantum Hologram 'social imagination' then change in social imagination- social reality cannot manifest in this 3D world or can it have any possible change or new qualities in it.

The size of Your Social Imagination depends on you. It can be the widest possible Quantum Hologram, where you operate on a program ‘burned’ recorded information that determines and builds your 3-dimensional world. The constant relationship of the first and second functions in that 3D world act on that information burned onto your CD or a DVD, and that information gets “played” over and over and you either feel socially ill or well depending on what’s written and or stored on your CD in your Hologram, in your social imagination. Changes in your social imagination mean change in your Quantum Hologram and change requires deleting or vaulting harmful corrupted information so that it cannot manifest in your social reality. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend just how deeply into the Quantum this process goes.  Just know this, anytime a person receives harmonious frequency information recording onto or into their Quantum Hologram ‘social imagination’, their social reality- social imagination, gets rebooted.
Can you imagine never carrying a dysfunctional social pattern/behavior or social pain again? What is in your Social Imagination?

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