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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why the Increase of Autism in Society?

1 in 68 Children Now Has a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why?

With rates of the disorder yet again rising according to new CDC numbers, a look at how doctors are diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in children, and what might be done better. 
Not many people, parents, doctors, pastors ever think to consider this problem as being spiritual dysfunction or nonalignment. I think there is a definite connection between the increasing rate of autism and spiritual decline and more over social decay both of which are intertwined.
I have a son who is on the autistic spectrum. Before he was born and afterwards, I was insecure about my life, about my situation and the place I was living. I did not have my parents near me. I was not in a good relationship with the Lord. I felt abandoned and alone. I could not find myself in the society I was in and I could not find God in it. I was unable to impart the necessary information to my infant. As I have read, early brain development requires certain information that stimulates other brain development. That certain information is imparted by the mother, even before birth. The information contains trust, security, identity of self and group as well as connectedness to a place which arises from successful functioning social hierarchy of people in a place; including spouse and immediate family. In my own work as a social scientist, I have written extensively on this. 
The Bible tells us (Ephesians 5 and 6, Col 4:18, Titus 2) there is a certain family order necessary for healthy social function and development and of course family stability in a place. 
When that information is lacking, missing, or too fragmented, the infant will not receive all of or none of that important information necessary for brain development. 
This is my theory - when that important information is not given or is missing, brain development is slow or does not happen as it should and cognitive dysfunction occurs, even the condition of autism. 

So why the increased rate in the US and in other countries? I think it stems from what I described above as important even critical information that infants need for early brain development. What is the cause of this failing in information transmission? 
For my own situation and the observations I made as a sociologist, I conclude that the rise in autism society itself which is in a state of decay and or radical change causing an identity crisis for the whole group and for individual entities in it.  I mean exactly that society no longer considers the importance role of wife and mother, society has been devaluing women in these roles. More and more often we can see women in media portrayed either as sex bombs or corporate executives or a combination of those two a sexy career ladder climbing industrialist type. Occasionally, we may see a traditional mom. The larger discussion today is geared toward independent persons and their sexual orientation and in that discussion there is the idea that women should be self-determined, equal to men. To compound this even more are the discussions of gender 'what is it and how society has created such unfair conditions/expectations'.  
When a society looses sight of who they are and the role expectation, it will fall into decay. Yes, we do have children being born and the rate of single moms is growing which is a sign of this decay. For those that are married and decide to have children, they are doing so late in life so that they can build themselves up and acquire the better material goods which they think children need. And, we can see very young mothers growing early all of them, in any age, are finding themselves confronted with societies disillusionment with gender and role relationships. 
Lastly, the economy has put a weight on families and mothers are working outside the home when they may in fact prefer to be home. What kind of information is mother imparting with this on her mind; worse yet if she is not being supported by society (which includes her husband in that ) and second if she is not being guided by and or in a relationship (which includes her husband as he is over her in God's order) with the Lord. 
I think the statistics speak for themselves.

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