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Friday, April 18, 2014

One World Imagination, One Global Imagination???

One World Imagination, One Global Imagination is that possible? Perhaps... or why not if we are all on the same page - same social imagination, right? For social engineers, this is possible. Their agenda is to get everyone on the same page. How is that possible given the diversity of people on this earth? That is a good question. The globalists, bankers and corporate entities, seem to think that they can get everyone on the same page by having everyone buy into the American Dream. What is that? Consumerism! The US has imported this throughout the world to places that one could never have imagined, i.e. Afghanistan had Dairy Queen and Burger King and Coke a Cola introduced to them (indirectly but it was intentional) and they were led to believe that they too can have a voice in their country by voting. If you have watched the news media, you have seen what that situation has been like. People selling off their voting ids... We as Americans blame it on their culture and we blame most of the world's problems on those who cannot see the 'light' of western thinking. What are we saying then? We are saying that a global world order would work if more people were like us, open to western ideas and civil society and that means to be creative and to consume creativity which can deliver you in many ways, especially in your well being - financially. What about established religion and or other world views in this global world order? Another good question. There is a campaign to remove religions of the world or at least their doctrine 'world view' that detours creativity and its consumption. In saying that, a new religion or doctrine must replace them and that is the idea of Deism which upholds man's creativity as the ultimate goal, and the means justify that pursuit.
This 'new' religion does not claim that God does not exist just that he is unknowable and he interacts with the universe only in terms of what appears significant to him. Man must therefore appear significant/extraordinary to him.
The Christian God's imagination is about relationship with God and that man's work on earth is not countable in His Kingdom only belief in Him and the promise of eternal life through Him. This is not necessary in the deist state of mind. Their struggle is to win over God; moreover, to become like him through their individual extraordinary creative pursuits. Why is this the agenda? We have come to a point in our existence on earth whereby the population is growing, while at the same time in some places births are low, there is an increasing aging population. There is also a growing disparity between the haves and the have nots. How is that happening? It is due to technology and largely due to increasing globalization of the modern world which means that governments have decreasing control over activities within the territory. For example, commercial enterprises operate on an international scale and can move resources from state to state at will. The activities of global financial markets can totally destabilized governments which have to a large extent lost control over their own economies. For the deist this is revelation! Why? This is their goal. For them only one government is necessary when everyone is on the same page. The goal in this new world imagination is extraordinary creativity; this is new world order agenda, this is the 'new religion'. If you cannot get on the same page, be extraordinary in this new religion or even extraordinarily creative then elimination is likely.
How is this going to come to fruition? According to globalization champion Thomas Friedman, "...globalization is in so many ways Americanization: globalization wears Mickey Mouse ears, it drinks Pepsi and Coke, eats Big Macs, does its computing on an IBM laptop with Windows 98. Many societies around the world can't get enough of it, but others see it as a fundamental threat." Many people around the world are jumping on this same page. It appears very attractive. It even seems right in their mind the more they are subjected to it, the more it pays off, the more likely they will be to jump in and embrace it. As Christians we should already know this agenda, it is of Satan, for he went to Eve in the Garden and he said "eat this (from the tree of knowledge) and you will be like God." Genesis 3:4
As a Christian, this was and is a forewarning of what was to come, what we see happening now because of that original sin- disobedience of God's order, leaving "falling away from' His imagination in which we had a relationship with God whereat we did not have to work to be Him or to be creative as He was nor to be extraordinary because we already were ...in Him. Once Eve took that bite or (bit of data into her program) she was outside of God's imagination and in competition with Him as was and still is Satan... Satan left God's Imagination and his goal is not to get back into a relationship with God but to usurp Him and His Imagination. Satan's imagination is a corrupt program and it cannot be saved. Deists are outside of God's Imagination and they will remain outside not because God does wants it that way, but because they do. The 'Hell' we read about in the Bible is for those who cannot exist in His Imagination.


  1. I see the Common Core program as a part of this "global imagination". The elites use the excuse of "education" to turn the educated into serfs and the serfs into slaves. Satan wants to be worshiped as God and minds that are living in God's imagination are incapable of being led in that direction. Living in God's imagination give one the greatest amount of freedom that any one - including God - can imagine...which is literally infinite!

  2. Thanks for you comment. I agree. Of course, globalists see this program as necessary to have global order and if global order is what people want then Common Core is and will be necessary. However, if you are a Christian and lover of liberty, individuality that is intrinsic in true liberty, this agenda will be an abuse of your liberty and persecution for the Christian. People fail to realize that our government were loaded with a Christian mindset that enabled their vision of a government for the people and by the people. People fail to realize that it was the figure of Christ, the doctrine of Christianity, that gave way to American civil liberty and the very idea of self government; in that, there is no curtain between us and the creator. Christ gave us the way to have an independent relationship with the creator. With this social background, we as members of a 'free country' are able to be creative participants in good society. We make the decisions, from the bottom up, not top down.