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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Its a Brave New World - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Its a Brave New World out there. How? Why?... all kinds of people are asking that. People who are engaged in this 21st century social reality with its multiplex of technological gadgets and global world markets changing the way people live locally. Never before has this happened in so many places at the same time or in the same time frame. It is more frightening that ever before given the speed of it and the narrow window of adaptation to it. Aside of that, there is a growing imbalance 'disparity' (dissimilar in kind) between social classes. Not that disparity never existed among classes, but the cost of disparity is growing faster than the experience of it. It seems that the elites and their economists  have forgotten that disparity has a cost. Likely, they are well aware of what is going on, even ushering in disparity. Why? Because the world population is growing and it is not possible that everyone everywhere can live on a high standard or have a life of luxury; and, as of late, an in between standard is less and less feasible. The middle classes (low/high) are shrinking and dissolving. Disparity has a cost that the elites cannot justifying paying since it does not bring them a profit, costing them money is not an option. How then to deal with disparity, the cost of it? The way to do that is to force the cost down or eliminate the mechanism for it. How? Limit disparity. How to do that? Limit those experiencing disparity and or those in economic despair- the source of disparity. That would be a radical social engineering undertaking. Who wouldn't want to get on board with limiting disparity? Is it possible? The Sabido Methodology could be applied. But, what would be the end goal... limit disparity of course? Again, is that possible? Essentially, the end goal would be to have everyone on the same page: politically and economically, the elites and the extraordinary. These two groups can find benefits among themselves. So, what strategy could be used? Considering our humanity, gas chambers would be out of the question.  But, maybe concentration camps or reservations, or euthanasia? Horrible as that sounds, in retrospect of human history, it has been done. Perhaps, it would be enough to change the whole world from free market to a grand socialism engineered and controlled from the top down system. After all, according to the world system theory, only a few can be at the top controlling naturally resources and their allocation. Socialism is an economic order (controlled by an elite authority) whereby everyone is allotted food, clothing, shelter and even prestige based on their merit and their needs ... what they need is based on or according to their 'appreciated' merit. In this way, if your merit is low, your needs will be low, or lower compared to those whose merit is high. Effectively, people would not question this world order because it would be assigned as legitimate. How? It would be marketed to them as the norm as beneficial to all, and it would be enforced because it is beneficial. It would be laid over them like a brides veil, softly and sublimely hiding them from the truth. Those who are elite or extraordinary would live a beautiful life of luxury and not even blink an eye in that they don't deserve it. For everyone else, it could be quite ugly if they don't accept it. It could be just as beautiful if they do accept it... if it is socially engineered correctly, we would go about with rose colored classes. Did you ever read Lem's "The Futurological Congress?"
All in all, it will depend on who you are. Certainly, any Christian still around in this world system would know that though they are in this world system, they are not of it. Amen!

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