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Monday, April 7, 2014

God's Imagination is the cause of Social Reality - Relationship

God's Imagination is the cause of social reality because it is Absolute; man's imagination is a part of that.
God has no beginning, no ending, and is not created; hence, God is in a different category than the universe or humans in that He is not subject to the physical laws of the universe or to its space-time dimensionality. We are His creation cannot know Him in His Perfect Being. It is impossible because we are a component of Him. No part can know what machine is in its entirety. No program can know the programmer in his/her entirety. Essentially, we cannot know God in the form that He is because we are a part of Him. Taking a non religious view, we can look to the philosophy of Plato who took the position of the 3rd man principle. Plato posited that if a man is a man because he partakes in the form of man, then a third form would be required to explain how man and the form of man are both man, and so on, ad infinitum. We as Christians could say like this... 'If man is a man because he takes part in the creation of man, then a 3rd creation would be required to explain how man and the creation of man are the related, and then so on.'

In this country, we have gotten into the relativists mind set which leads only to an island of isolation, what else is there when you alone are right. For some people this could sound attractive. But, they fail to realize that they exist because they are a social creature.  Read On Waldon Pond...

The defiling 'falling away' of man began in the garden... when Satan seduced Eve (Adam), he was asking Eve to imagine herself equal to the creator, contemplating that idea Eve fell away - she lost the idea of herself as a creation with a creator.  We can apply Plato's 3rd man principle.... 'If man thinks he can know God, then he 'man' will/can no longer know himself as 'man' because man  in His created form cannot not know God in His entirety; and thus, not being able to imagine that, loses a part of himself as it belongs to God's imagination which he has now risked losing by trying to imagine something which is impossible for him/her to do. Therefore, man in the processes of imagining what he cannot imagine losses a sense of who he is in trying to imagine himself as either as God or greater than than God; this is the great falling away.  

What we must acknowledge is this, though we cannot know God in His entirety, we can have a relationship with Him. This sets the foundation for understanding what social reality is.   We acknowledge that we cannot know someone completely (in their entirety) as we are not them, yet in relationship with that person, we can better know ourselves and come to know someone else through that process.

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