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Monday, April 7, 2014

God who is He?

God is absolute, the one and only truth. Hence, He has no beginning, no ending, and is not created; moreover, God is in a different category than we are. He is not subject to the physical laws of the universe or to its space-time dimensionality. We are His creation. Thus, we cannot know Him in His Perfect Being as this would suggest we are outside of Him and we are not. It is impossible to know God in His Perfect Being because we are a component of Him. No part can know what the whole of the apparatus or machine is in its entirety. No program can know the programmer, because the program is an extension of the programmer. Essentially, we cannot know God in the form that He is because we are a part of Him. Taking a non religious view, we can look to the philosophy of Plato who took the position of the 3rd man principle. Plato posited that if a man is a man because he partakes in the form of man, then a third form would be required to explain how man and the form of man are both man, and so on, ad infinitum. We as Christians could say like this... 'If man is a man because he takes part in the creation of man, then a 3rd creation would be required to explain how man and the creation of man are the related, and then so on.' If man thinks he can know God, then he is in for an eternal and infinite task!

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