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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

God's Not Dead

God is Not Dead, this is the title of another Christian movie released recently. It is supposed to be a defense for Christianity, an apologetic argument.
Whether that has been successful or not would demand some quantitative research.
What I can tell you thought being a sociologist, is that there is no apologetic argument aside of the statement that God is not dead. Which is enough!
I smile at so many people who calmly state that God is dead because science tells so.
Again, being a sociologist, I hate to break their little bubble (little because their imagination's are so tiny) but science is a modern contrivance of man.You see, we live a social reality. No one has his/her own thoughts.
Man cannot think for himself... we arrive at ideas such as science through collective thinking. The sun is a star is so because we have socially agreed that it is. This is the secularists argument. Because, that is the only argument the secularist or atheists can have.
Science is a social tool we use to arrive at collective notions that help us to order what we think is real. Science is a social tool created by man to justify the order of agreement. It is wielded by a social hierarchy as is all social reality which is why over the years one can witness that theories of all kinds in all sciences change or are challenged by the next social hierarchy.
Think about your whole life in the church, being asked to believe a whole raft of things about God and the world and yourself, to sign statements committing yourself to Jesus or to abstinence before you had any real opportunity to figure things out for yourself. 
This comment in italics was taken from a blog by a professor of philosophy who has a problem with the existence of God.
My first criticism is that this academic like others in higher academia fail to acknowledge that 'man's science has its rigors too... we call it education and we too sign statements committing to one theory or another. The consequences for not doing this are ridicule and sidling in academic circles. Secondly, this professor does not understand how social reality works. We don't figure things our for ourselves... we figure things out collectively; in fact, we exist only because we live in our imagination with others, the locus of society is in the human mind (Cooley 1964).

You may tell me that Cooley is no defense for God, rather a defense for the secularist. I would answer both Yes and No. Yes because it implies that we are some cosmic anomaly that occurred and somehow consciously allows us to experience it first hand.And, No because it justifies that we are just a cosmic anomaly by the social fact that on one can ever be or is an island; so as Cooley is right, he is even more right by his own insights... one is never alone.

Historically, the descendents of Adam and Eve including Noah acknowledged and had a relationship with their Creator = God. Abraham and his descendents too who lived in the Bronze Age acknowledged and had a relationship with God...way before 'man' invented science.
Point being, people realized themselves in a place and their purpose in it before science. As Cooley said, all reality exists in the mind, so if people were with God in their mind then how is that any different or worse than living with science in your mind, science being created by man due to man's incomplete nature - a nature that does not or fails to be in relationship with the Creator. He is the only absolute and this is the only truth.

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