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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Dystopia Called Shuffling ~ The Future of Doing

As man's social imagination transforms which is losing in 'being' and engaging in 'doing', we will see a loss of humanity. It is not strange to me that this is the direction it goes. After all, this is a fallen world as in a looping corrupted computer program  and thus we continue in a downward loop toward entropy. What will that look like? We can imagine that it will be the ultimate form of doing ~ a maximum state of homogeneity of a system of mindless doing.

Instead of having a home and family, everywhere is your home and everyone is your family. Your job is everyone's and everyone has your job, doing your job and you doing theirs which is yours. It will look like this... you receive instructions, (via electronic messaging) and you will start to do something.

It might be delivering something, or holding something in the moment it needs to be held or solving, or cleaning, or discussing, or packaging, or linking, or escorting and on and on. The next day you do what was done yesterday by someone else and they do what you did. We will be constantly moving, constantly doing. A person will move from one task to another until the end of the day. Wherever he/she stops as in the finish of the day will be your home; that is where you eat your meal, wash and lay your head for the night. The next day of doing will be the same.

Of course, there is time to have lunch with people, to go to the park with people who like yourself are on their way to the next task. You are not nor ever alone. Everyone is friendly, everyone is busy with their task and everyone is together.... shuffling about fulfilling tasks. There is no longer any reason to have a family, because there really is no time to be with them, there is no being. There is no reason to have one job, to be there everyday, what for when you can be in many places doing what you have to do which is the task at hand.

Everyday shuffling is just doing something. It is not being. One cannot have a creative social imagination in a 'doing' social reality.

Being and doing is what we were created to do, but not one instead of or over the other. Being is much more than just doing. We were created to be and do but what we do is for being not doing. Yes, being and doing for each other is what we should do as we would do for Him and for ourselves.. what we were created to do but shuffling is not that. God's doing is ultimately being and in that being you will find rest for your soul. MT. 11:29

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives..." John 14:27

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