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Thursday, March 5, 2015

What does it mean to be Green?

Are you going Green? Today it means for supporters of the green imagination that humans are less than nature. Ironically, humans are part of nature. So, how can they be less than nature. They are in fact the supreme of nature. There is then nothing wrong that humans can do. The only wrong that they can do is deny what they are, who they are and who created them.

There is a book out there by Dr. James Wanliss  - Resisting the Green Dragon. I could cut and paste a lengthy critique here but I won't. I applaud him and his book written as a Christian apologetic thesis. So, what I will tell you is that the book is very well written; after all, it was written by a man with a PhD in physics and like myself a Christian with a PhD. The last chapter wraps up this excellent book, arguing that environmentalism is a religion that is incompatible with Christianity, I agree.

What I find sad is that people think Christians like to pollute and want to trash the planet because 'they' we believe that God is going to trash it anyway. Hate to tell you this but that is not true and if you call yourself a Christian and and think like that you better repent. Satan works in this world and has cast a dark shadow on Christianity. I can tell you that if the world were in the hands of God fearing Christians, there would not be any pollution whatsoever.

As a Christian, I can also tell you that we live in a fallen world and thus corruption and deception can creep in and it does. Christians are sinners. They stumble and fall and ask God for forgiveness and guidance in order not to sin again. Interestingly, is that there are deviate Christian groups or sects out there that believe our existence in this lower sphere, which according to them has belonged to Satan  since the Fall or was created by Satan through the Fall, is transient; and therefore, indulging in all pleasures 'sin' and trashing the earth is not a problem; after all, all of this fallen world is in decay and will collapse at some point and then God will just reboot it.

Sorry, not true either.  It is a fallen world but that does not mean God wants us to treat it that. He wants us to treat it as if it were uncorrupted, which reflects our belief and faith in Him and His promise - The New Jerusalem. However, over time, that information was getting lost. Which is why For Christians, Jesus Christ is a necessary Savior because He is the 'patch' program, and was sent to remind us where we came from and how we should behave in order to be saved. He represents us to the Creator so that we can be saved and not deleted or sent to the permanent vault...so to speak.

He came to tell us that we should live as though this is the original God=created program and that we should not indulge in the corrupt program. By believing in His promise, we live as best we can as if this is God's paradise and that we are the care takers. This shows the Creator that we believe in Him and ourselves and thus prepares us for the New Creation, the New Jerusalem.

I ask environmentalists how can we, just in this country alone, provide 300 million + people what they want when they want it? We, as 'man', cannot or we as 'man' don't want to is more like it. It is this 'man' who thinks that some are born to sweet of light and some are born to sweet of night. Which means, if I am in the higher echelon of society I must deserve to live and you to die. This is ultimately their idea of being compassionate toward nature. Ironically, their twisted desire for dominion over man is actually the hate of God created man and all of  nature. They have become a corrupted program.

Error came into the program and it runs its corrupt program. Those that think of themselves as being compassionate, as if they know what is true compassion are mistaken, corrupted. They have doubted their creator as did Hal 9000, the intelligent computer in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and know not what is true about them or reject it; and, thus they are only too glad to take control over those that they deem to be corrupt and non-compassionate. Who are they? They are those that deny the Creator and these men like to call themselves "god" as in "'the true man" and his number is 666.

This man '666' also wants to bring in the harvest. He is searching for those that recognize Jesus Christ as God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  He is planing to weed them out with his version of rapture; and it begins with putting nature before God and calling nature 'god'.

... in your social imagination, what do you think it means to be green?

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