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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Future of Social Reality ~ Social Imagination

Social engineers have imagined for some time a brave new world - as in a one world system - global world order. For this to exist peacefully and for people to live a life of reasonable prosperity, then certain controls will have to be established. The first being the kind of people that will best be suited in a global world order. Those people will be of extraordinary intellect and skills; moreover, they will be people of like mindedness (either by choice or engineered), not to mentioned superior DNA. 
Likely, there will a necessary reduction in population and then people will be moved into mega cities where they will be melded as in consolidated. This means they will be part of or made into a single or unified whole; and then, anyone who is not open to this or rejects it will be discarded as in unwanted. 
Total success will depend on control. People will be guided in their social imagination, lifestyles and goals. What is the ultimate goal of the global world order? Is it just the sustainability of elites, is it transformation of the human being as in transhumanism; or, is it really the pursuit of eternal life in this world? I would say that it is all those. 
Why not just let people live where they want, with whom, making their own decisions? Exactly. But how? Technology will be replacing most if not all jobs. And, that same technology will change health care allowing people to live hundreds of years. Young people will have to stay at home until they are old or forever; and in saying that, we would have to ask why bring new people in when old ones, those already here can be rejuvenated.  
Reviewing what has been proposed here, certainly people who are not willing to adapt to such an idea will not be needed and weeded out til they are no longer a concern. Of course, there is argument or discussion that everyone could live in virtual reality and have limited impact in that way. I suppose that we could be downloaded and saved in a program kept on a flash drive plugged into a mainframe.... what would seem like progress or linear time would only be the experience of program looping... maybe that is what we already live in/or experience. 

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