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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Melded in a Place ~ What does that mean?

For the communist philosophy, it meant and still means to be officially located in a place. There you are and there you stay; unless the State sees fit to move you somewhere else. Yes, for those of you who do not know what communism is then read further. It is a top down centrally steered government and economy - a fully designed system that functions for the good of the state. The people at the top of this system control all life. They make all the decisions for you based on your merit and or other abilities or what the state needs from you. If they need workers, then you will be a worker, if they need a doctor, they will make you into a doctor... if you show the aptitude. But, even if you don't have, they will make sure you have the aptitude if they say you will, you will. There is no way out by saying you don't want or can't. Why? because the end will not be good for you or the state.

In a communist society, everything must be ordered from the time you are born. You are ordered to stay where you are born and raised so that you can fulfill a greater purpose in the place where you are, serving others - serving the state. In this way, you are melded.

Again, it means that you stay where you are and do what you are told to do there or you are moved somewhere else where the state may benefit more from moving you to somewhere else.

In the old communist systems, such decisions were in the hands of a few people. Likely the future communist societies will be ordered by machine, by computers that handle the system.

Perhaps, we are already melded ??? or about to be....

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