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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Food Discrimination in the Social Imagination

We are social creatures so we tend to want to show ourselves to others; we socially set ourselves apart from someone else through choice as a means of conveying social status. In fact, socially setting yourself apart even through food choices and their consumption is a form of discrimination toward people who cannot afford to make a better/healthier/or exotic, high end grocery stores where one can make exclusive choices.

This is food discrimination and it is the last frontier that the progressive social imagination has yet to address.  Why? Maybe because they can't imagine eating soda crackers. Or, it is in the making and just taking the longest as it is the final and yet most vital to close up in terms of 'free' social imagination.

In the previous post, a world without borders was discussed. Food is the last border in that kind of world that will need to be controlled as in ...made the same world wide.

Such a thing as food discrimination does not seem likely as you look around, what do you see? Foodies, millennials blogging or pinning pictures of food that either they just like to look at and or eat but never cook. Why? because, they are socially setting themselves apart. It is interesting because they are not really into cooking since largely they don't know how to cook. But that is because of the idea that cooking is a lower menial task which was introduced into their social imagination by modern women/mothers who were told that such tasks like cooking was a kind of slavery that their male counterparts put upon them.

Sadly, many people have no social imagination that cooking and eating is an important social activity. I am not talking about going to the restaurant and eating or having your food special catered in as the social glue that holds people together in their social imagination. I am talking about the selfless act of cooking, and eating 'sharing' at home, which is the core or 'main frame/server' for a positively 'freely' functioning social imagination. In doing this, you are more apt to share with others who you see do the same.

Today, I observe that people want and even long for the kind of social imagination experience that cooking and sharing and eating food together as a group 'family' offers. In their longing, we see the choice for cooking and sharing and eating healthy but in the form of pinning and blogging about food by 'foodies' because this is a way to get what they long for but do not know how to do it other than through social media; which they see as the fair platform. Yet, they discriminate through choice, even in pinning.

Ironically, as they are made aware of this kind of discrimination , it will be that awareness of food discrimination that will bring about a major change.

In a world without borders, where family or 'home' will no longer be the main frame, the top down drivers will have to consider how to control food as well as the pinning and blogging of it as they the control food, the kind of food that everyone gets to eat so that there is no food discrimination; not blogged, and not pinned  Only what everyone has that is the same can be eaten.

There is an process already at work, I just described it above. It started by belittling women's role in the household, family and even the concept of 'home'. It has been going on for years. Now, its the blogging and pinning foodies that will actually bring it all to fruition. As awareness grows about their privileges, they will likely become the anti food discrimination campaign...  finally putting everyone into the social imagination of a world without borders.

ps. A world without borders will be a place where everyone's health will be the same with everyone eating the little green pill; after all, going green is the agenda.

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