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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A World Without Borders

Imagine a world where there is no sexual or gender specific identity and or expectation. I am talking about a world where men and women are equal where there is no difference. Why argue that there is when both can do the same jobs, think the same thoughts, and have the same needs etc.  This would be a world where children can have one parent or two or more or no parent (s) at all in any traditional sense. What for? A community can raise a child. 

I am talking about a world where the government will make it fair for everyone as they are equally elected by the same equal people to represent their equal sameness. In order for people to have equal sameness regarding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the government will direct all aspects of life, especially education and job placement. It will tell you what to buy and who to sell to. In such a world race does not exist because everyone is the same color, same culture, same gender and same religion. The only racism that could possibly exist would be employed by those who don’t embrace that everyone is the same. 

To keep things fair, I am talking about a world where you are placed according to your merit and talents so that the state can gain an advantage for a better state. A world where everyone will live according to his or her needs based on their value in the state. This will be considered fair. You will be melded in a place and travel only when you are given an order to, it’s safer that way.

A world without borders does not need to worry about threat of invasion because it will be one world with the same laws, same values, same currency, same religion (if any), same culture, same history, sameness.... and in such sameness there is no conflict. 

A world without borders is a state that is for itself and by itself and yet thinks it lives for the betterment of the other (others); ...who is that anyway in a world without borders?  Nobody!

You can be anybody and nobody.  But of course, you will be somebody.  Just somebody who lives according to what the state mandates. Perhaps, your reward will be new technology upgrades and a new flat.
People in a world without borders will live in tall block towers within mega city confines and shuffle about daily completing mundane task one after another.  Family as an institution will quickly disappear, as it will no longer serve a purpose.  But, as long as we have something to shuffle about and twitter about in world of sameness, then a world without borders will be a paradise. 

Did I just imagine that? – NOT.

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