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Monday, February 3, 2014

God's Information Never Dies, it is our Social Reality, it composes our Social Imagination

In mans' imagination- the 'worldly' social imagination is a kind of public information. It is everywhere and somewhere. It is available to us as users through socio-historical and socio-cultural frames which means that it belongs to someone and no one. Not that the later means it is free; in saying it belongs to no one, means that it means nothing to those outside of such frameworks. In that case, it is always someone's (Florian Znaniecki)   It is public - out there for those who have the password to access it (being in a group is an example, as it illustrates that some members have different access codes to information and at the same time, all have the basic code to access everyday information as it pertains to and sustains the group as a whole; the elite have additional access codes - all societies have social hierarchies that orders system function).

In God's imagination, in the beginning was the word -  information has substance, it never dies, it is and it goes around... it exists in the universe everywhere, does that mean it is different from the social imagination mentioned above? Yes and NO. Yes because it was His desire to have us live life in a social imagination - to love thy neighbor as yourself. No, because in the worldly social imagination we find that some harbor information only for themselves and think that it belongs only to them. They think they have new ideas or 'our' ideas as they appear to be culture bound (they are and are not) , they are ideas that are recirculating in the social imagination - God's imagination of many potentials.

The best way to understand God's imagination is from a quantum perspective. The way things work in quantum theory is based on an infinite number of possibilities. In quantum mechanics the observation made in a place of something causes out of all possibilities a possible.
Out of vast circulating information, we make choices which ultimately define us in a place, as the choice was made in a place among others. It is important to recognize the platform that place offers to us in the mode of making a choice. The importance is that in a given place whereat others are engaged there is a history of  already collapsed wave functions acting as a background which has definite information in it and that affects all other observations, wave function possibles.
Can bad things from our past be changed? In God's imagination - Yes! In man's 'worldly' social imagination - No. That is the difference. God = Jesus Christ tells us that all we have to do is Repent = Rethink God's information as it never dies.

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