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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Born Again in God's Imagination

Being born again means being made aware of this fallen world and that salvation is ours through Jesus Christ. If we want to live in the light and be saved we cannot be nor remain senseless children Jer 4:22.
Because, we live in a fallen world,  it is not easy to live in God's imagination. We must remind ourselves of that and that being children of light means to accept God's word as the ultimate truth and protection for us, for it is the way forward for our salvation. We can only be Saved by Him... imagine of a computer program as information operationalized. We are God's program and in order to be saved and not thrown into the vault where all corruption is contained, we must operate according to the word of God, live in God's imagination.

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  1. Born Again, could easily be interpreted in computing language as "Patched". And that is essentially what God has done for those that desire it: have the corrupt data "patched". Now we are again on God's wavelength and able to compute and understand and act upon data flowing from God.