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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

God's Imagination created our imagination program

People miss the obvious because they have been taught something for so long they see the facts shaded... there are no facts that connect us to apes. Life does not just pop up out of nothing... In that case, after so long, there should be other evolved transition types? New life is not just popping up- spontaneous generation. The problem with evolutionists is that their facts are unprovable but as a sociologist, I say that they could argue that evolution is 'their' social construct acquired through like-mindedness. Their arguments for evolution reflect collective irrationality. What is rational is to think that existence is not a random event. Even if we argue that Christians act in the same way and their rationale is collective irrationality....in both deductions, what is not being solved is the question where did we come from and why. Some say space aliens, so where did they come from? Spontaneous generation again or confluence of agreeable events, how can we explain that and how does that come about? We are now talking about incredible mathematical odds; and yet so many people will bet their life on those odds. They refuse to believe that there is a greater mind above and behind their own mind who created this experience we call the universe - all heaven and earth and all things in it.
What the Christian imagination (God's imagination) gains is salvation in His Word. Our minds are conscious programs running in a wider program created by a wonderful and great Creator who can inject new things whenever He wants. He programmed evolution into all programs; a dog becomes a better 'dog' and a flower becomes a better 'flower', and a bee a better 'bee', and a man a better 'man'. The program gets better, and the variety is amazing. However, the nature of the universe goes from orderly to chaotic. Complexity breaks down. We seem to be heading toward a destiny where entropy breaks down all order and complexity and variety - the antithesis of evolution. What does that mean? It means that we live in a fallen world, a corrupted program. This was described in Genesis. Is there a reboot? Yes, for those who believe, who know that we were created in His image, in his imagination. We did not come from something else and certainly not from apes.  Let each produce after his own kind... Gen -first two chapters.
He, the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The Bible is His communication to us and for us and it is our true imagination!

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