Exploring the Social Imagination

Saturday, February 1, 2014

God's Imagination as the source of social reality

God's imagination is the source of social reality and the Bible is the multidimensional manifestation of that his imagination using the form of communication that man was given to use - words/language.
The Bible is literally a code for the program of our existence then and now and what will be. Some people like to think that the Bible is a literary fiction. Some say it was written by man but that this writer (s) wrote in the future and sent this information back to us and some say it was written by aliens. The later are incredible but not impossible either as they both point to a creator. We could argue that just because man wrote it in the future, does not mean he was not God inspired. As for aliens, they too are be assumed to have been created by someone or something. As for those who call it a literary fiction, what purpose would it serve? To entertain? Perhaps for some it is a form of entertainment as they deny the information contained in it as information to be applied in the program.
The Bible was written by men inspired by God, the creator or man.  In every man is a default knowing for his being on earth and that the source of his being was God. This knowing was written in on the default program by God, the creator of man who sought a relationship with His creation. At some point, corruption infected His program and for a long time this corruption ran its course. God intervened and sent his only son Jesus Christ to be the first patch 'upgrade' system application. If it sounds like I am using computer programming as a metaphor, I am. Why not. Why wouldn't God reveal himself to us and to his nature which is an omnipotent Creator of the universe. We live in His imagination and we need to seek a relationship with our Creator in order to be saved, ... Give the command and save me! Pslam 71:3
You see, God the Creator of heaven and earth so loved man (his creations) that he sent his only Son to repair the connection that was lost through man was corrupted. This suggests that another kind of entity exists, one against God. That is right and his name is Satan. He was fallen angel that he could become God and that he knew better than God, and envious of God's creation. Many people ask then, if God is all loving and forgiving couldn't He forgive Satan. Yes he could. But Satan cannot forgive and nor can understand repentance - (to rethink one's being in relationship with God) and because of that, Satan cannot accept that forgiveness can be his because he cannot imagine another way of being; he cannot imagine that he is actually part of God's imagination. Satan becomes a kind of rogue program and in the end, can only be sent to the vault where he cannot escape and where he cannot imagine what God is. 

In this instance, one can argue that this is conjecture... and all this is just our imagining; I say that it is our imagining that draws us to God's  imagination- his imagination is ours. He gave us imagination, because it is His.


  1. I love the idea that God's imagination is ours. As the old Proverb says, there is no new thing under the sun. We do not invent ideas, re re-arrange them because we are not the First Cause of ideas. Our imagination is but a subset of the larger imagination. Those that go through life deluded that their imagination is strictly their own will never enjoy of being a part of something so awesomely greater than themselves alone.