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Monday, February 24, 2014

God's Imagination vs. the Liberal Imagination

The Liberal Imagination seeks to Usurp God's Authority

The liberal seeks to free man from himself. He has failed to realize that Christ has already set him free; for in Him you are free indeed. (John 8:32) Everyone who sins is a slave to sin... (also John 8), this means that we cannot escape from sin unless we submit to God's authority which does include His forgiveness or according to the reprobate mind, until we eliminate God's authority over us. Liberals know that He sees their sin. With that line of reasoning, they conclude that since they are sinners, and cannot accept God's forgiveness as they know they will likely continue to sin, they feel condemned,  and thus remain a slave to sin. However, they fail to remember that his Son set 'us' (them) free.
This all-loving and forgiving God is difficult for sinners to embrace. Because of that, they want to remove God from their mind and think that in this way, they are free. This is the liberal mindset. Thus, this kind of reasoning seeks to replace God's authority with a false authority namely government with the notion that it will remove all wrong doings and inequities that exist in the liberal mind. This is achievable because they are now detached from the highest authority; in this way they think that they free man from God. But, they are gravely wrong.They are not freeing themselves from the evils of society nor the evil in themselves (nor the justice of God) which God says He sees in them. They despise this the most since they are not willing to forgive nor accept forgiveness.

Liberals mix authority and evil, and they think that by severing themselves from God, that they are free from His judgement. What this has created is a lawless society.They see that too and this is why they now have to keep erecting more laws to control social behavior, which they gloat about as they receive pleasure from usurping God's authority.

Liberals are today's intellectual elites who want to remove their guilt ... not living in God's imagination.

The sad thing is God's imagination has only one cost - to accept forgiveness and allow Him to remove the burden of guilt.  A slight cost indeed, but one which is unimaginable to the reprobate mind - lost in guilt and seeing human injustice everywhere.

Perhaps the most perplexing thing for the liberal mind to imagine is that the terrible social problems facing mankind are directly attributable to mankind - with his clear ability to choose right and wrong - and not his Creator. Man likes to take credit for good things but place blame on God for bad human choices.

Man's imagination is one where God is blamed for making the error of handing mankind the ability to choose right and wrong - even though it is logically impossible for God to have created man without the ability to make moral choices. In the liberal imagination one can escape reality by pretending it doesn't exist and when that is not possible to create a false deity that can be blamed (or in more modern times human group scapegoats). The ancient Greeks, for example, created a pantheon of petty, mean-spirited, cruel and foolish gods that lusted after power - exactly like the human imagination. Such gods are easy to reject because they are so obviously unworthy of god-hood. But the true Creator has none of those flaws and to reject Him requires the ability to imagine He does not exist even though all the evidence of our own consciences and laws says that He does and we all inwardly know it.

Accepting God's imagination is the easier path because God has removed the ability of mankind to rescue himself from himself. He wants all the credit and is not willing to share this with his creation. Why? Because He wants his creation to know how very much He loves them and has done everything to repair our human imagination to line up with His.

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