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Monday, October 24, 2016

Who wouldn't wanna be a Liberal ~ In the Social Imagination?

Who wouldn't wanna be a liberal, right? Especially, if you can wear flip flops to work and don't have to get there til 10 as long as you do your job, right? Who wouldn't wanna be a sexual non-descript, a thing but not anything in particular. Sexually, what's one from another... sleeping with anything and everything that turns your head or turns you on; using whatever bathroom or fire-hydrant, bus-stop, tree or bush you want when you want it? Who wouldn't want the government to pay for all the utility bills especially water, and rent and a bad decision or an abortion? The toilet thing is the most liberating/freeing. For example, my newbie immigrant neighbor peed against his fence yesterday... never mind was in the yard with full view. Its all about freedom and toleration in the liberal mindset.

A liberal we all wanna be but yet something in us should tell us that we cannot or should not; unless, one is just a total conformist, a fly by night cause you sleep all day, a political agitator that gets paid to do it,  a person that is just a person that's all and for being just that thinks that he/she should get all the attention that a person justly deserves. But, isn't society at large really just made of 'persons'.  So, what's the problem with being liberal? There is no problem. Yes, and that's the beauty of the liberal mind... there is no problem. The liberal is a sea of persons in which no one can expect anything from you or demand anything from you or want or need or even ask for anything from you. The liberal is and that's just it. Get it?

The liberal is like a flower, it is like the rain, it is like a season, it is like the sun, it is like nature, it is a plain ole thing. But, how would that be if it were what it still likes to think of itself as... an evolving person/animal/thing? If it can think and do something then it is either evolving or already evolved. But, if the liberal is just a flower or the rain, a season, the sun or even nature at large then it can't really think or do anything for itself and it certainly doesn't want to and probably doesn't have to thus - it must already be evolved. Its already in the perfect state of mind And, that's the key to understanding the liberal mind and the wanna be liberal mind. The liberal is happy to be in the perfect state with the state of his/her being in harmony with the state of its being.

Who wouldn't wanna be that? In that state of being, no one would be different or have to be recognized or labeled as different. What for? In fact, there would no longer be anything or any reason to tolerate... put up with since the liberal is the perfect state. Would you be able to sing a different song, walk to a different tune/drum, or just stand out as being different? No! What for? That would destroy the harmony of the liberal mindset and liberal being. If one light goes out among its sameness, there is already one just like it in place. No one would even notice. Cause if you did, things wouldn't be the same anymore!

If we were to be different, then we would have to come back to accepting our differences! And, that is not what we want. What liberals really want is tolerance for their evil sameness. But, you say they are not about evil nor about sameness, they are about totally being free and that's different. Yes and No. For sure, they are not about being different. They want sameness of the worse kind. Total liberty, in fact unchecked freedoms. Their goal maybe even unknowingly becomes a sea of perversion, a sea of unrestricted evil cause its all about freeing of reprobate mind- Romans 1:28.

And worse yet, we would have to come back to 'their' toleration of everything and everybody. But, would that be nice. They really want tulips, daises and daffodils mixed in with cosmos, roses, and weeds. Some of you think may think this is exactly the liberal but its not. The liberal wants toleration but will not tolerate anyone against their freedoms, their corrupted social imagination which puts sameness first because what they want tolerated no one really wants to put with.

Can conservatives like things the same? Yes, if it means established solid social platforms to be used as a means of departure so that interaction can take place where difference exist. Such platforms provide an interactive social arena which give definition to groups interacting within and provide boundaries of behavior... a means to be different within borders. This gives stability to a group any group that socially identifies who it is and is not among other groups that it encounters. In this way, all groups know what they are putting up with and what they knowingly what be able to put up with. What is the solution in that case... join groups that are like minded and be happy! Oh, that's bad that's self segregation. Someone yells...
"What if they lash out at others that are not like them"? Yes, that is the liberal retort...

What if!!!! Well, FYI, there are decent laws in place for most what ifs. Most of which come under the most 'liberal' of Constitutions to believe it or not. Its a fair social contract with civil liberties that most different types and groups can appreciate as it serves the majority as well as minority, and it has served for more than 200 years. People don't really change. There is nothing new under the sun -Ecclesiastes 1:9. Why? Because, this is not a perfect world, its a fallen world and no man can engineer it perfectly for every man on the face of the earth. Somehow... liberals believe that. If I didn't know any better, I would wanna be a liberal.

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