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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Slippery Slope of Being Anti-Self Segregating!

In a an article by Liz Goodwin, Senior National Affairs Reporter, one can read that the former secretary of state argued for a volunteer plan that would help combat growing self-segregation in America, where people surround themselves with people who think, talk, look and read the same news as them. H.C. stated clearly ...“That comes with a cost, it magnifies our differences,” she said, adding that the election has drawn attention to that trend. And, adding...“Then it makes it harder to put those differences aside when our country needs us.” ~ HC

This organization would be called “Reservists” and under Hillary Clinton’s plan they would respond to natural disasters, help the homeless or tackle other local problems, the campaign said. Under the plan, they would be eligible for college credit, time off from work, or even a “modest stipend,” based on financial need, to participate in the reserve. (Clinton will negotiate with higher education institutions and corporations to get those benefits.) Not really volunteers as promoted but lured by treats and money.

Such a plan as it was once before is to ban self-segregation... and it begins with their version of education.

The question one should ask- Tackle what local problems? Don't we have a democratic republic for the people and by the people? Yes. Is it flawed? Yes. Why? Because this is a fallen world and the reboot hasn't happened yet. One should wonder what local problems HC is talking about if the Federal government has to take over the job that is every Americans' duty - to build up their own communities from the grass roots.

The claim is that people are not able to and it is suggested that diversity is the cause of the problem of self segregating. Really? Diversity does mean differences but given our American social contract - Civil Liberties, and accepting that, we should and we do get along. As for the argument of self segregating. Well we all do it.

We all socially set ourselves a part because it rests on a deeply embedded premise... identity. Who am I and who am I not. We want to be liked, we want to be part of the in-group. We should this in many forms of social interaction from choosing and buying thus owning the latest social media technology. We dress ourselves up in certain clothes, shoes and ladies who doesn't gotta have the latest Coach handbag or Victoria's Secret bra. Not to mention certain t-shirts with trendy phrases printed on them with the tag on the outside showing the brand name label with a price tag over $30/40.

Its not just religion that causes people to be of a certain mindset. Its many other aspects of everyday life lived in a group. Its status, its prestige, its who you know. We all want to be an individual and yet a member of the group. People, being social creatures, naturally gravitate toward like minded people. Isn't that really the agenda of the DNC under HC... we want you to think like this and not like that. They self segregate for their purposes... its human nature.

Erase this from humankind and we get robots... so, let the good come with the bad and the ugly. The world will be more human than inhuman. Its a slippery slope to think that a certain person or agenda has all the answers for life on earth.


  1. What could be argued for anti-self segregating is that such a program would combat Gangs and Chain Migration!