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Friday, October 21, 2016

When the Social Imagination Is Trapped into Toleration!

The foundation of any social imagination is its constituents. Those that compose it, make it something that has definition and borders. Anything that is something has definition and borders otherwise it wouldn't be anything. Some call this society, culture, or in-group. Though others maybe outside of one group they are certainly part of another group. No man is an island. And no man wants to be an island. Everyone wants to be part of a group. The tighter the group, the safer one feels and becomes thus reasonably behaved. They know who they are and are not. They are comfortable and at ease, without stress... one of the guys/gals.

Now if something creeps into the group or is even invited in based on false assumptions, then that something can be seen as foreign, and then the stress levels starts to rise. As as a means to cope, toleration is employed; with the idea and assumption that it will soon leave or be integrated. Some imagine that being tolerant in this situation is freeing... really? Tolerant as a phrasal verb means putting up with. Perhaps, in some instances it is wise to tolerate as an advantage is seen in doing so. But, for long periods of time with loss of expectations as to why tolerating is wise ...if continued, then one can expect negative outcomes.

Toleration is subjective and objective. One can apply toleration when necessary and reap the benefits or not and move on. Objectively, any one person or animal can only tolerate for so long.  An old dog can only put up with a child on its tail for so long. Anyone can observe this... and being objective about it.

In social interaction, objectively speaking when we observe 'social' evolution, we see that the group that succeeds does so not tolerating too much. In fact, amounts of toleration can be part of the ploy to conquer its competition and then take any spoils. There is another maneuver by less aggressive types which would be to evade such an encounter and just hide out or move out of the way so as not to be conquered or eaten up. Tolerating is the later... putting up with something in order to stay alive or in the circle of the higher ups, the eaters.

So, in a social situation 'society' who is always calling for toleration? The lower echelons or the higher ups - elites. The lower are wiser and move out of the way. The higher ups - elites, cannot tolerate very much so they deploy it as a tactic. This way they can round up and pen up the weaker who are already applying toleration and will be willing to tolerate even more - putting up with whatever the elites tell them to tolerate. Those that won't tolerate are shown to be the aggressive 'bully' types when the real bullies are those pulling the strings at the top. Will the non aggressive types ever stop tolerating them? If they did, they would not be weaker anymore they would have joined the aggressive types ... that never would put up with simply tolerating anything anymore. No longer willing to be trapped by deployed toleration!

And we are back to the in-group. Elites are in-groups too as much as any group is having members. They get stressed out too when foreigners enter. But, does that mean we have to tolerate for them? Does it mean we have to put up with something so that they either don't have to and they can rake in the benefits of our toleration?

Is this/that a call for zero for toleration? No... every group knows how much it can tolerate.

No man is an island and no man wants anyone to take his island ...his comfort. And no man wants to put up with anything if he/she does not have to.

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