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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jonah J. Goldberg on SOCIAL JUSTICE .... whose social imagination is it anyway?

Today's blog is simply re-posting the most brilliant analysis of social justice ever. Jonah Jacob Goldberg, age 47, is an American conservative syndicated columnist, author and commentator. Goldberg writes about politics and culture for National Review, where he is a Senior Editor. He is the author of these books: Liberal Fascism (2008) and The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas (2012). In the later publication, we find a chapter called - Social Justice. It is incredibly insightful and eye-opening.

From the chapter - "Social Justice", from 'Tyranny of Cliches' by Jonah J. Goldberg, we read about the great deception which is about making the world into a liberal utopia whereby everyone gets what they want when they want it if we only just educate, indoctrinate, brainwash in order to convince people of their 'right' laws which holds up their all benevolent social justice. Its just empty vessel ...an ideology that crept in long ago and its deployment in the making for some time.

It was really had to pick and choose which pages to share. In an attempt to summarize and blend some of Goldberg's observations with my own, this is what was arrived at. However, it would be better to suggest reading the entire book or at least this entire chapter.  In a nutshell, provided here is what can very well be understood as the fundamental foundation of 'social justice'.

Of course, social justice as it sounds was and remains a humanitarian dialogue; and that's about it. Why? Because, in a fallen world it is not possible to be god. The discussion began in the Catholic church going back to 1840. Ironically, the intention may have been innocent but it was born of evil as it puts man at the helm of this fallen world. It leaves God out of the picture, out of the greater good (which He is). We know that this world is passing away and it must as it is fallen and under the law of sin and death. Perhaps, that naive beginning, born of evil, has its purpose too. As we can observe today, it has been adopted by the Left and made into their liberal mission statement which promises a utopia here and now... exactly what Satan wants us to believe. Maybe its part of the great deception.

As it is often put forward and could have one thinking ...the millennium has already started and it began when the social justice movement appeared on the horizon back in 1840. This is what some would like us to believe... that the new heaven and earth are just around the corner; in fact, herald in after the next election if only the democrats get in. But for those of us that are Biblical literate, the second coming has not happened yet nor has the rapture. So, no this is not the millennium - the thousand year reign prior to the new heaven and new earth.

How to not be deceived? Whenever man does not give credit to God and takes it for himself as if he is his own savior, we should be wary. What tells us that there is a strong movement to deceive? Look around. We see this in the mission statements of universities and colleges. For example, The social justice disposition of Brooklyn College has four pillars of their conceptual framework. They say: "We educate teacher candidates and other school personnel about issues of social injustice such as institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism and invite them to develop strategies and practices that challenge such biases - pg. 137.

Many universities around the country are such advocating social justice and at the same time diversity. Sounds fair, right?  But, realistically, how can we have social justice for all differences and appreciate all those differences if the goal is to be fair for everyone.

Again... As Goldberg writes on page 137, the phrase social justice means everything.  Its wants everyone to be happy, to enjoy life being whoever they are and doing whatever they want as long as it is not about conflict... that is conflicting with this/their mantra which is that social justice demands a chicken in every pot but never has a practical means to do it. It always comes back to 'education'. If we just educate. Sorry, to say but most people don't even know how to cook a chicken in a pot knowing that it will be chicken soup.

It is ideological, it wants everything good for everybody and all at the same time or so we are led to believe. How is that possible? Its not... not in this fallen world. The liberal social justice agenda in this country wants to and assumes all kinds of rights: social rights, economic rights etc. Goldberg asks us to think of it this way... the Bill of Rights is framed in the negative because your rights are prior and independent from the government. Hence, "Congress shall make no law..." infringing on this or that right". It means that the government cannot promise all kinds of rights to everyone. Get it?

Whereas a social justice bill of rights might begin, "Government must provide a home, a car, a job, French bulldog puppy, and whatever else. As Goldberg points, you cannot truly have such rights because you are not born with them, as if then they have to be protected. You are not born with an inalienable right to a home. If yes, then why not an inalienable right to a hovercraft or jetpack? ~ Goldberg pgs.142-43.

The fundamental problem with such wide applications of social justice is that there are no limiting principles. There could not be. That's right. Because, every individual in a fallen world is able to demand anything as his/her right - social justice as far as the eye can see pg 144. Given that and being born in a fallen world such social justice would guarantee that evil wins.

Ultimately, social justice is about empire building, Goldberg on pg. 145. Keep in mind that the Roman Empire was sustained by the 'idea of Rome' which always fell far short of the reality. They always promised to build a better world but never had the foggiest idea how to do it. The Romans knew how to build roads, and toilets; all the centurions of social justice know how to provide using someone else's money. Its imperialism fueled by guilt and sustained by smugness. But it is successful. Theses centurions and citizens of social justice, run our schools, our charities, our newspapers (our banks) and if they have their way... our world ~ Jonah J. Goldberg pg. 146.

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