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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Betrayal of Social Science!

Hard sciences have been grabbing the attention of the university, sociology languishing in the backwater. The hard sciences charting new courses in quantum physics... And, professors of social science struggling to keep their posts as lecturers of a valuable faculty.

What direction could they take to make themselves necessary teachers of a justifiable course? What they did was decide to go the route of being cultural revolutionaries. They took the role of being the an arm of cultural Marxism. It was quite easy to do in fact. After all, the Alinskytes and Marxists had infiltrated academia in the fifties and sixties and were thus able to influence the sociology departments to accept this new and necessary in their eyes direction for sociology which was social justice... something that they themselves felt deserving of in the face being made redundant by the hard sciences which were capitalizing the Ivy league.

They recreated sociology into a propaganda ministry for social justice warriors who really were not college material to begin with and the universities becoming more about business than education agreed to take on this new curriculum for those that could not make the grade in physics. They recreated sociology in the image of an ideology of the haves vs. the have nots (not just about have or not having money but brains as well) occurring throughout the US and western Europe and as we see today taking over as the thing everyone must study to graduate... since all are worthy of a college education. Changing from social theory toward social worker professors of such tripe no longer had to defend themselves as theorists or scientists. 

Sociology was and is a dead science. It is no longer a means to learn the social dynamics that govern group behavior and the foundation of group social imagination in a place over time and how that becomes social reality. Sociology is now only social dogma. It is a means to control and indoctrinate a whole new generation into thinking that they are oppressed. Get them to discover who their oppressors are and what to do about it. Universities are teaching militant cultural revolution. To call it sociology or social science is ridiculous.

It is not about legitimate social science which is to take an in-depth look at society through in the field qualitative research with the goal of understanding. With the goal to locate social pitfalls and better understand those social pitfalls. To discover what creates social cohesion among people and why and how they stay together whether right or wrong the aim is to understand. Today, it is rather than find fault in the behavior of certain groups (charted by the ruling elite) and slap labels on those who they say are the oppressed and who their oppressors are. 

We have lost and are losing so much by teaching 'cultural diversity'. Though it sounds like its on par with what has been said above, it is a disguise for social justice, conformity and falling in line. You will find professors demanding that you never say 'melting pot' and that everybody is different. But, they really don't want to recognize that people are different.  They are out to make everyone the same though they tout that they hate sameness. They like their kind of difference which is sameness with a capital S... a super label of gray soup.

They melting pot was something good. It allowed people to blend and mix at a grass roots level. They did not become the same as the gray soup of the Marxists. They made a soup yes but one of of variety; different kinds of 'veggies and spices' blending to make a rich stew.

Will there be some who don't like broccoli in it, or pasta in it or beef in it, or carrots in it, or corn in it, or rice in it, or shellfish in it? Of course, but that is true diversity. We can pick out the parts we don't like and eat what we do like. But, at least everyone has access to the same rich stew.

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