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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 in One Post ~ Part Two in the Social Imagination!

Corporate bean counters...

What does that mean for many of us? It can very well mean being made redundant. That means you are no longer needed. In the social imagination, that is not only cruel, but destructive for all. In a day and age where everyone counts we find ourselves under the scrutiny of bean counters. Not only on the corporate level either but in all walks of life. The rationale... its the numbers; they don't lie. Everyone is being evaluated not for what matters but for what counts. And, that kind of counting is based on elimination.

We this kind of  (a) counting prevalent in our society our culture. What a pity too. This kind of counting is the mechanism of deconstruction which will be elaborated on in the next of this three part post. Who counts and who doesn't. Who is with us and who is against us kind of mentality. The next question should be who is the 'us'? As if I have to tell you. The ruling elite who want and must retain their positions of power, who think that they alone know what is best for you and I and everybody else. Why? So that in the end, it all adds up to what they want, what they see as right for them, right for the business, right for politics, right for education, right for local communities etc. And, certainly, right as in good for profit.

Of course, there is reasonable argument. You weren't good enough. You couldn't handle it, you weren't entertaining enough, you couldn't cut it, you didn't make the grade. You refused to be a team player and so on. You put your own needs ahead of the firm, you let your personal life take priority and you know you shouldn't have done that... right?

Its all about the numbers. We gotta make a profit. What about all those stock holders and I am sure your grandma is one of them. Don't they count? Well... how to argue that just because you have a family to feed or you have to pay back your student loan. Make no mistake, this is not an anti-senior or obligatory retirement rant. It is only about bean counters and their jargon, their lingo, their agendas and their numbers that make you redundant... no longer needed.

What are we building up to? Only a society that has no ethical or moral foundation because the numbers count for everything and everybody. Worse yet, they wrap it nice and neat like a present and when they give it to you straight, they say its really all for the good. Not just for you but the whole wide corporate world.

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