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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Self imposed slavery in the Social Imagination

Why do we of the Occident imagination self impose slavery? Is it our belief system? Is it our political or economic system that requires it? The answer is yes on both counts. In the Occident imagination, the underlying belief system has been to control and or manage the environment, the earth. Bad or good in this context does not matter.

Simply the belief to control or manage one way or another. So, the later question regarding both 'politics/economics' follow that same belief system. That is why, in politics, we put so much emphasis on the leader, the president who if fairy elected by the people will surely be best to manage everything else including the people. Otherwise, we would not be the least bit interested in whose running for president.

Yes, we are slaves to controlling and managing. We are self enslaved to many things because of that belief. The most obvious of this is mowing the grass. Laugh if you must but you know what I mean. We are out there once week...religiously, dedicated to mowing the grass. We are self enslaved to it. If we can't do it ourselves, we make sure someone else is doing it for us as we are too busy being enslaved doing something else... make 'earn' money, cleaning house, washing our body, washing our car, getting our hair done/cut, or nails done, face done, exercise done and the list goes on concerning our enslavement. And, worse yet, we teach this to our children.

When we 'getter done' we usually feel good about it. Whether it is mowing the grass or electing the right person to office or getting a deal on something in the mall. Is it because we enjoy our slavery? Likely it is. This is a fallen world and in such place we were cursed from early on to getting it done. And, though Jesus Christ was born and died for our freedom from the curse of sin and death we still go at it...self enslaving.

Only in Jesus Christ are we free indeed! John 8:36.

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