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Monday, March 19, 2018

Mixed Reality ... Where is Agreement in that???

The latest Microsoft commercial tells us that through technology (Ai) we have the power, we are the hammer swinger, the painter i.e. and today we can use technology to change the world... "What can you do with it".  We have mixed reality, Ai is empowering you/us... "what will you do with it"?

Now that is the big question. It implies freedom but how could it be when we don't agree on what is freedom... you or me or someone else on the other side of the planet. We think we can agree on just about everything but that is naive thinking if thinking at all; actually its irrational.

So, what is being promoted in the 'info' mercial? Isn't it freedom to be who you want to be and do what you have always wanted to do? No. Its not that at all. So, what is it? Its the precursor to virtual reality no doubt about that but what does that really me for you, me... them? That's a question no one seems to be asking.

Firstly, let's remind ourselves that technology does not go away; if its not very good to begin with its improved, if it is good to begin with its still improved upon, advanced! So, if we are talking about mixed reality in 2018, what kind of 'mixed' reality will be in 2021? And, could we imagine that by 2025, it will be called fully 'integrated'? And, what will fully integrated mean and with what? Ai, robots, machines...yeah.

Now, is that going to be good or bad for mankind? Well, if you are pretty much into mankind as in being a human being, a created being not made, then its going to be really bad. And, even if you aren't into that and you can't wait to become an integrated being, it won't be as good as you think but then you really won't be thinking for yourself as you think... you may not even think at all as a human being by today's standards. Oh, some will think that sounds really cool but they don't realize that they only image it from the perspective of being a human. Outside of being a human being at present we have no imagination for that.

Since, we looked at agreement reality in the last post, lets try to imagine agreement reality in a mixed reality and agreement reality in a fully integrated reality. Of course, we have to begin at the beginning and that means remind ourselves that we live in an information reality and in that respect there are various agreement realities out there what we might called different cultures and or philosophies.

Do we need to have agreement reality in either a mixed reality or fully integrated reality; mixed or integrated with (humans/robots/Ai)? Yes, especially if we consider that the world is shrinking every minute, shrinking into a global reality. Who is going to orchestrate the agreement as it will likely have to be imposed from the top down? Will it be by the United Nations or a global world order government or Ai? Probably, Ai... otherwise, there will be either too many agreement realities out there or none at all. The idea is to come to one world social imagination where there is no longer any disagreement and or conflict.

Yes, artificial intelligence will be 'getting us to agree with it' which may be by force of one kind or another.  Oh, you may argue that Ai is a kind of higher form of 'a man'. And, I might agree with that if you know what I am talking about - ' a man'.  But, really, we know that technology as it 'grows up' starts to have a mind of its own. And, therefore, I may be right to agree that it is a higher form of 'a man' but not man as we know him now.

But, of course, the other end or side of this mixing and integrating is supposed to become our utopia, right? Who will know? Those that get mixed in or fully integrated won't even be human anymore. So, its more than likely that they won't even think for themselves let alone disagree. What will be of 'our' humanity, mankind? No thing that we can imagine today in the social imagination,

Check for yourself ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tucY7Jhhs4&feature=youtu.be

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  1. Don't give up your created being in which your social imagination lives to become mixed or integrated being with a man made machine controlled by Ai... or worse than man made and I don't mean God.