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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why Tribalism Won't/Cannot go Away in the Social Imagination...

Tribalism won't go away because it cannot just go away or be made to go away as in socially engineered away or banished.  Why is that? Because, it is the very fabric of the human community. Really? Yes, really.

Tribalism is in the standards we set for our group, it is the social contract we write for our group and in the kinds of institutions we establish and in the neighborhoods we create/live in...even the virtual ones. It is in the church we go to and the schools we send our kids to.

What is being pointed out here is that 'tribalism' is not all bad; as in all groups there is always going to be the good, bad and ugly. Its what human tribes do. So, rich tribes do bad things as much as poor tribes, and or an organized community tribe, or after school tribe or sport tribe... so, they all do what makes them either or safe/secure, and successful, comfortable and sustainable in place as a social group.

Tribalism is in our macro life as much as and or more so in our micro life... the everyday.  Women who have coffee clutches/clubs/talk shows and men who have polo or cricket teams or golf comrades and kids soccer and baseball teams...all are tribal. *see previous blog for tribal definition.

Why is that? Well, as human beings we want to let others know who we are and are not.  Everyone's tribe uses labels/banners/colors/sayings... and FYI democrats do it as much as Republicans. Those who identify as Christians and Atheists and Muslims and Wicca's all have their protocol and or doctrine and symbols that declare who they are and are not which includes their world view and or position/identification in the world and what for.

Facebook has tribes too some of which are closed groups/tribes...

So, could 'tribalism' ever go away in the social imagination? No, not really. It might take on different forms and legislature but it won't/can't just go away; less human beings go away. And, being a 'human being', I would definitely never advocate that.


  1. Globalism is touted as "anti-tribalism" by the globalist/communist elite but it's really just a re-organization of existing and new tribes that better serve their interests. Why? Because humans are inherently tribal creatures.

  2. Yes, exactly! Thank you for your valuable insights.

  3. Already commented but worth repeating is the very real danger of new tribes rising up which are as defined by who they are and are not as any other; and, including dysfunctional pronoun oriented tribes to the point of threatening tribes defined by biologically appointed pronouns.