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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Want to Learn Manipulation of the Social Imagination ~ Study Marketing!

Just watch television and see how it happens right before your very eyes...

Agreement reality is the only reality and marketers/advertisers know this. That is why there are ad campaigns. Whether the product is a manufactured over the counter, a vacation destination, the latest technology or a political candidate, it won't be a hit until there is agreement that it truly deserves to be a hit as worthwhile or worth the money.

There are advertising campaigns for industry sectors and political agendas as well. Why? Because, markets and people either have to move or be made to move in order to acquire power, prestige as in social status; and certainly to make money.  Having studied 'real' sociology and not social work, this kind of manipulation has to start from higher up vantage point as in top down social engineering or steering. Why? Because, though there are effective grass roots projects, they tend to be designated toward an egalitarian end and not a tiered structure.

In the social imagination, as we now know (having read past blogs on this site) is a social reality and the only reality we will and or can ever know. For anything to be 'real' it has to be agreed upon in the social imagination. We know now that happens in the locus of the mind (based on Cooliean sociological thought) through exchange of information and what is agreed upon is usually what is found to be common among us as 'truth' even if that 'truth' is the farthest from the truth as in the game of telephone. Why, or how could that happen if we know the truth.

Well, we don't know the truth. We know only that which has been shared starting from an absolute source and passed on down the line. The closest to the source of absolute truth has the truest information. As information is passed on it gets corrupted because this is a fallen world, its in a state of entropy. But, since we run away from entropy, we cling to whatever appears to be the truth at the moment it is received and that applies to science as well.

When someone studies marketing, they learn to manipulate the truth at hand, what is being considered the 'norm' truth or applied truth in place, the one most people are currently using. They can even use that as a base to create a 'new' truth which means only that they take what is being used and make it sound bad so that their new truth will be embraced as the truth. It sounds so deceptive and it is. It sounds so hopeless and it is in this fallen world. And, why we find ourselves at odds with agreeing on what is the absolute truth.

Doubt is the biggest problem when confronted with the absolute truth. So even if we know it/have it, we can still be led to believe something else just because we doubt what is the absolute truth. This also works to the advantage of the marketer who has had a glimpse of the absolute truth or even if not just by knowing that doubt plays a major role in any social imagination when it comes to the absolute truth can and will capitalize on doubt.

What is the best solution? Who wants to be manipulated, right? Don't we all want to believe the marketing that is out there... that it is right and true and or leads us to the truth? Yes, of course and this is how they 'get' you. 

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