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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Want to understand Modern Education???

When at university, the students encountered in the classroom were hardly able to write legibly and certainly not what any true scholarly professor could call "well read". Of course, they could argue through learned "word speak" why ideas and theories from the past are wrong and labels for the future are necessary. One might wonder how this came to be. The university "word speak" in the United States has grown out of feminized ideas of social justice. The current diversity program requires essays in gender neutrality/equality, individual rights which declare every person is what/who they say they are whatever that is and that they are normal in their own right.

The going viral video clip titled - Modern Educayshun, is a graphic portrayal of the university "word speak". It is an insightful and creative illustration of this institutionalized phenomenon. As such, all credits due are given to N. Kolhatkar (writer/director)... this is a masterpiece of social observation as it delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.  

It cannot be stressed enough that universities today do not provide higher education through logical objective reasoning and discussion applying classical theories but rather instruct on how to walk the straight and narrow institutionalized - feminized world view of "cultural competence" driven by insidious relativism. 

You can check out "Modern Educayshun" video clip by going to youtube and typing in "Modern Educayshun" ~ Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar

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  1. Perhaps, we can point to Robert Merton an American sociologist who wrote on the norms of science. In his day, the norms of science were yet guided by some absolutes – classical theory and confident methodology. Today, however, that is no longer the case. What are norms in science or even let us say norms for a modern ‘higher education’ are what the person conducting them say they are.

    This kind of thinking reflects the past and present leftist progressive ongoing sexual revolution now deemed struggle for gender equality which was instigated to bring down how ‘men’ saw/see the world and their supposed control over it and then to introduce and install how it really is according to the oppressed majority.

    What has happened because of that? Such an agenda has brought about and complicated the current political “crisis” over science. What is science? It cannot be what ‘men’ said it was because they have been declared selfish schemers to keep women down.

    Robert Merton in his works seemed to express back in his day a concern over the relation of science to what might become a full blown uncivilized democracy. Yes, uncivilized democracy is when absolutes cannot exist (as in not allowed because they were supposedly recognized by men) and where anything and everything gets to be considered normal as in right because someone somewhere has a certain view and such view cannot be judged because humans and their feelings about the world are never to be trample on by anyone...So, what is and where is science in all this?