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Monday, November 30, 2015

Social Equilibrium in the Social Imagination

According to feminism the so-called “oppression” of women comes from the Patriarchy, the female conspiracy theory that says that human culture has been and continues to be dominated by men who privilege themselves at the expense of women. Feminists claim “The Patriarchy” is systemic, universal, and crucial to feminism and evolved from ancient times.  
Of course, you can find that most feminist thinkers will often talk about the shifts in gender norms throughout history. Yes, they do talk, but it is not true. What can be said as more correct is that “norms” have not changed in any period of history but roles and expectations have varied as subjected to climate changes, and especially access to male populations in a given place and time.

Women have always been female as in having consistent identity (consistent visual attributes) and consistent function as in consistently able to use their attributes to bear children, breast feed them and nurture them; in this way and at the same time, be a supportive partner as well as contributing member of the community in all societies.  

There is no domination in that. There is equilibrium attained through differences; whereby opposing attributes  and opposing function sustain and have sustained mankind. Sociologists have long observed that in all societies and all social relationship/interactions there are enabled necessary social dynamics – subordination and domination. These social dynamics represent the necessary give and take between social actors or particles (metaphorically speaking) that come fundamentally exist in a designed universe which from time to time come together as in collide to create either positive or negative outcomes but that depends on what is positive and negative.  

Which get the value? At the particle level as well as with social actors in the social arena what is positive and what is negative depend on the identity of each and their function in the designed universe. Both have necessary function because of necessary identity which is necessary in order to function in their necessary orbits and or sphere of interaction. 

Is it positive when value is taken from one thing and given to another to create a false sense of equality? Is it negative when value is given to one in order to reduce the value of another so that equality is achieved? It is the state of equilibrium through entanglement that satisfies. Where equilibrium resides is where both positive and negative have enough of what they are as particles or social actors as identifiable as to what they are and are not; yet, both also have the potential to be more than they are in their orbit thereby avoiding entropy, collapse of the system. 

Has one been ignored in the designed universe in their social interaction? Has one been less interactive, less necessary? I think not. Both have over the course of what we call time have been interactive and necessary. There is no oppression in that. There is only equilibrium!

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