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Monday, June 22, 2015

What is going on in the Social Imagination?

That's a good question. We are witnessing the revision of what was a 'stable' social imagination as in vertical into horizontal social imagination. I am speaking to the individual perspective in our social imagination today.  Though we become more horizontal we are not exactly becoming or creating something new in our social imagination. That is why, I don't say changed or new because there is nothing new under the sun and it wasn't just Solomon who said that. Cornelius Castoriadis a Greek and yet French philosopher and social critic.

He brilliantly remarked on 'change' which is not change but revision of what was. However, I can say that what in his social imagination at the time of his writings is still largely true the one thing he did not anticipate was the kind of technology that we have today. But, then technology has always been with us too. The hanging gardens of Babylon were an amazing feat of 'technology' and so was the tower of Babel and not to mention the pyramids.

As for the individual perspective, perhaps we are more 'relativistic' than in the past, but one thing for sure it existed in the past. What is different today if we can say so is that more people are relativistic whereas in the past such perspective was held more by elites than the masses; but, today's elites cling just as much or more to their relative thinking.  And, I would argue anyone that the general simple public would do more for the 'good of society ~ social imagination' than would any elite in the ruling class.

What is going in in the social imagination? For me, I see corruption of the masses. It is being orchestrated from the top down by elites for their privilege. Hence, there is nothing new under the sun here. They like to divide the masses and thus conquer or at least keep them at bay and under control. They use propaganda to instill fear and hate. You see, if they, the elite and I mean those with money and position including the university intelligencja in this country, really preached what they say 'that race is socially constructed', then there would be no way to divide and conquer which again to reiterate is the means to retain power, position and money.

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