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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Socializing Of You!

You are a composition of all your social encounters which began with your mother even before you were born. The socialization process is complex though starting from a very simple upward and outward progression. Though born with distinct genital equipment and its use by natural design; role expectations of male/female are socialized (beginning with the mother) depending on the culture.

So, effectively you are a social creation. The success of your being either a productive and positive male or female in society depends on your socialization of it and the health of the society from which information comes that you are given during socialization.

Could you be born a man or woman? Well, you are in fact either or from birth. Could you change that? The fact that anyone would want to change that is a direct result of the socialization process. Could you be born white, black, Asian, or other? Well, you are in fact born into a culture and with that there could be passed on to you distinct racial features.  Could you change that? The fact that anyone would want to change that is a direct result of the socialization process.

Rebelling against the socialization process leads to deviation and negative behavior. Is it rebellion? Perhaps, it is the result of poor socialization. Most social engineers think that it is a direct result of poor socialization. Poor mothering? Women have more power to create a better world than they realize. The best way is to be a mother and not a father.

Society has distinct roles for a reason  - Social stability. I speak directly to women because they are the first socializing agents. Women cannot be both male and female. They should socialize girls to be girls and boys to be boys... but when the time comes, let them become men (under the supervision of their fathers) so that they won't become women. Wake up society!


Of course, there are those that think socializing role expectation is no longer necessary as it is somehow detrimental; after all, people can be any gender they want and of course why not any race, or ethnicity if they feel like it. If someone feels like a girl, its because they have a inborn proclivity toward the female side of their brain. If someone white feels like they are black, why not be black; after all Everyone came out of Africa according to Darwin. Right? Or is that going too far? If it is, then we could think that those who want to change from who they were socialized to be have actually been poorly socialized... first by the mother and then by the larger group; after all, the group produced the mother.

What is on the horizon of the social imagination? A new person bred or 'socialized' for a brave new world. Who is then socializing? Mother? Less and less it is 'mother'. More and more it is the State which does not need nor want anyone socializing anything that it does not mandate as critically relevant information.

Are we are seeing the results of that now?

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