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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Blackholes and Alternate Universes in The Social Imagiantion?

Why do we imagine blackholes,wormholes and alternate universes? Are running away from this world? We are trying to find something better? We are thinking that we have to save ourselves from ourselves and thus grow in our social imagination? 

The film, Interstellar suggests that man existing in another dimension can interact with himself and help himself to overcome the world. This is truly a ‘blackhole’ that we should never go down and or into. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is the only one who knows the optimum for us and that is yet to come.  There was a time when we were with God in the optimum situation. But, because we choose to doubt we are now in a corrupt program because of ‘choosing to have the knowledge that God was supposedly holding back.’
Participating in another ‘doubting event’ will through us deeper into that same or another ‘blackhole’; as a Russian doll inside another doll.  The first event caused the condition we now experience – a corrupt world where there is decay and entropy. There is only one way out and that is death of this entropic flesh. 

 Essentially, we have to let this corrupt program collapse so that it can be saved, translated and resurrected.
Man cannot be his own hero. Man alone cannot save himself.  There has to be something greater than the creation; only the programmer can save the program. Yes, of course you can argue that you as a superior program can save yourself. But how?  Through transhumanism? That is only denying the fact that this is a corrupt program. Changing the flesh in this corrupted program only continues the corruption. 

You can say that it is because you know what is good for you. I ask how? Every person can say that, so does that make every person good. If you say yes, then you would have to agree that if a person thinks that murder is good for them, then it is. If a person thinks it is bad, then they are right too.  The point is that what is truly good as in perfect goodness that is good for you and everyone else cannot come from any man.  Any man will only be good for himself and not good for anyone else.  What is good for me may or may not be good for you. If you say that a person who is good will not murder.... then think again. If murder is too strong, then perhaps just  little white lies can be considered good, not bad or taking something just left around is not stealing. If you think that is still ‘good’. Think again. 

We do have imprinted on us the knowledge of good, and that it is perfect and that it is a good that is good for you and everyone; a good that man alone cannot know in this fallen world.  Such knowledge can only come from something greater than man.

If you say that such a man exists, coming from some higher dimension where this good is known and we are just discovering that we can interact with it, then think again.  Imagining such a man in this corrupted universe is impossible, it is a fallacy of this corrupted world.  If there were such a man, he/she would  not and could not communicate with us because we are less than he/she. We would not be able to understand the goodness that they know. 

 We can also imagine that such a man (who is us existing in some higher dimension) might have the same problem; that goodness cannot be known by just a man, even a ‘higher’ man. There must be someone or something higher.  This was Plato’s proposed dilemma – 3 man principle.  

You could say then it is a matter of being a strange loop in our social imagination and we have to risk it and that would allow us to grow in our social imagination. But, shouldn't we ask how it came to be that we are in a strange loop and how do we get out? We should not suppose that we can just jump through a blackhole as the way out.  It may be only  a rabbit hole in this corrupted world; after all, we know that in this corrupted world we have a corrupt social imagination.
Is there anything good in our social imagination? Yes. What we do experience in our social imagination is the remains of God’s original imprint on us. His eternal information from which we were created. We feel it and know intuitively that we have a Creator who left his mark, a divine spark. He is with us, His Kingdom is within. However, in this fallen 'corrupt', world we often confuse that spark thinking that we are god, we just forgot. What we have forgotten is that God created man. 

We are His creation. Man was created by God and because of His infinite love and omnipresence we exist.  Even if you were to argue that God is ultimately a 'good as in perfect man' which we are evolving into. That only suggests a need for the beginning of that god evolution and such an incredible phenomenon cannot come about from nothing.  Actually, it suggests that there was God first, He created man to become like Him. This I absolutely agree with you on. But, then what about this fallen world, what happened in Genesis?  We were with God evolving in the garden, the best situation we could be in but error entered and we doubted that situation. And, so now we exist in this fallen world, this corrupt program. God the Creator has a way out and He sent His Son to show us the way out by jumping on board so to speak with His Son ~

'Jesus Christ's' social imagination.

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